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On the best player he has witnessed in history and the Arab talent, which did not have an opportunity to professionalize and the stars of the Arab world that shine in Europe today.

All this and more talked about Hafid Darraji, the famous Algerian sports commentator In his dialogue with

One of the best commentators in the Arab world, and recently he had a good relationship with the Egyptian football fans, who preserved his style and style of commenting on the matches.

Especially during the recent African Nations Championship matches and his famous comments on the matches of his country, Algeria, who won the title in Egypt. He had an interview with Hafeez Draghi to talk about the best players he had seen throughout history in the global, Arab and Egyptian football.

And also to advise the currently brilliant Arab duo, Mohamed Salah, Riyadh Mahrez, and many other things.

Here is Hafeez Draghi’s interview with

Who was the Arab player who was able to achieve greater global successes thanks to his talent?

“Since I am an Algerian and I saw him in his brilliance, I think Lakhdar Bloumi was one of the Arab stars who would have left a very big imprint in the history of world football if he had mastered in the eighties of the last century, because the football laws in Algeria at the time did not allow the professionalization of any player less than 28 years old. “

“But Blume in the 1982 World Cup, during which he was very creative, was 23 years old. For me, from this generation, Blume was able to be one of the masterpieces of European and world football.”

Who is the best player in history?

“For me, Diego Armando Maradona is the best player in world football.”

“As for Arab football, we will mention a lot of distinguished players, such as Mohamed Salah, Lakhdar Bloumi, Tariq Diab, Moroccan Mohamed Timoumi, and many other players in the Gulf who also excelled.”

“Each player was creative in his generation, but I am not one of those who would prefer comparison between players of different generations.”

Who is the best Arab art director in history?

“It is very difficult to smile in ten and say this is the best coach, but there are many distinguished coaches in our Arab world.”

“No one can deny the achievements of Hassan Shehata with the Egyptian team, and also by the late Mahmoud El Gohary, he is one of the best coaches who passed over the Egypt team.”

“Also in Algeria and the post-independence generation with Rashid Makhloufi, there are also many coaches who left their mark with the national team, such as Mohieddine Khalaf.”

“All this without forgetting Jamal Belmadi, who foretells of a brilliant future, whether with the Algerian national team or clubs.”

“But in our Arab world, we do not have a large number of trainers who have continued for a long time in achieving accomplishments for subjective and objective reasons, such as our media and our fans in the Arab world, and the hero becomes an unhappy coach and unhappy becomes a great coach.”

The best player in the Egyptian football level?

“For me, on the level of Egyptian football, he is Mohamed Abu Trika, because I saw his stage and also I remember Mahmoud Al-Khatib, and I think that he is a duo who will remain in history and difficult to replace in Egyptian football.”

“Mohamed Salah is still playing and he can make very big achievements. On the international side, Salah is the best.”

“But for me in Egyptian football, the duo Abu Trika and Al-Khatib are irreplaceable and cannot be succeeded.”

“Other generations may emerge distinct from them such as Muhammad Salah, but the duo, Muhammad Abu Trika al-Man and the player, and Mahmoud al-Khatib al-Man and the player were creative.”

What do you think about the issue of the professionalism of Egyptian players in Europe in the past years?

“There are many names that can play in Europe, especially the emerging generation, because the issue of professionalism has become easier, and today we see Mohamed Salah, Mohamed Al-Nani and Trezeguet open the door for Egyptian players to become professional.”

“In North Africa, we are used to this in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, whether they are from local patrols or born in Europe.”

“The door is open to all players for professionalism in Europe because skill exists in the Arab player.”

Who are the best 5 Arab players at the moment?

“Without arrangement, because this matter is discretionary and progressive, and the names are known to all, and they are Muhammad Salah, Riyadh Mahrez, Hakim Ziyash, Ashraf Hakimi and Ismail bin Nasser.”

Who are the best 5 players in the world at the moment?

Certainly Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

“And I put Sadio Mane with them in Liverpool because he crowned the best player in Africa and reached the final of the African Nations and also won the Champions League with his team, and formed a strong duo with Mohamed Salah.”

“And the duo Killian Mbappe and Neymar added to them, although the latter has been absent for a long time this season due to injury, but remains among the best in the world.”

Review of Salah and Mahrez

If you were Mohamed Salah … would you leave Liverpool or continue until you retire?

“I do not leave Liverpool and will not complete with him until retirement.”

“It will be difficult for him to continue with Liverpool until he retires and I do not advise him to do so.”

“But I advise him to continue with Liverpool for at least two seasons as long as he still maintains his level and his position on the team and is one of the best teams in the world at the moment.”

“Then he goes on to discover the Spanish league and I hope he will blow up his energies there because he is still very young.”

“In England he will not find better than Liverpool, and if he leaves I hope he will join Barcelona or Real Madrid.”

Do you recommend Riyadh Mahrez to leave City?

“Contrary to what I advised, Salah, I will tell Mahrez.”

“Leroy Sani’s absence from the injury served Mehrez this season and if he leaves, he will increase his chance to participate more.”

“But Riyad Mahrez is the one who can assess his position with his team. Should he go or stay?”

“I hope he will leave Manchester City because we want to enjoy his skills and high potential with any other English team.”

“He is able to play in any other English team, including Manchester United.”

In the recent period, the name of Hussein Bin Ayada, the right back of the Algerian sports team, Constantine, has been linked to the transfer to Al-Ahly, to what extent do you see him able to replace Ahmed Fathi if he joined Al-Ahly

“Hussein Bin Ayada is for me one of the best defenders not only in the Algerian league, but also in Africa and the Arab world.”

“But he was not lucky to play for the Algerian national team.”

“He remains a strong defender, very strong, has strong offensive and defensive strength and has great physical abilities and enthusiasm on the field.”

“And he has all the ingredients to compensate Ahmed Fathi in Al-Ahly with ease, not to the same extent, but at least he will fill this void and it will be a great addition to Al-Ahly or any other Arab club that joins him.”

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