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Between a great attack after his appointment, satisfaction and greater happiness after 6 games and a championship won by Al Ahli with him, now speaks Rene Feiler.

The Swiss coach has identified a number of questions to be answered.

He also talked about Ramadan Sobhi, who scored more goals for the Swiss than in the second half of last season.

To the text of Weiler's dialogue..

How do you see the ball in Africa, as well as the pressure of requests to win the Champions League to Ahli?

See each game separately. Always the next game is the most important, no matter its position or the identity of the opponent and no matter our position.

I will do everything in my power to succeed with Ahli. We will do our best every day, but we have strong opponents and they also want to win.

Let's talk about the next game, does the first part of the ranking give you reason to be optimistic before facing Zamalek?

Now prepare for the Zamalek game, which is always an important match for both teams and no matter the current position.

How much do you see the difference between the successful duo of Anderlecht, Alexandro Chipico and Nicolae Stanchio, and Ramadan Sobhi of Ahli and Hussein Al-Shahat?

There are no significant differences.

A kick everywhere, each player's requirements and his results one.

My goal is always to reach the maximum that every player can reach, not just Ramadan and Hussein.

But what determines it?

The most important thing here is the mentality and behavior of each player and his desire to do so.

This leads me to talk about Ramadan Subhi, who scored with you after 5 games more than the team last season, how did you help Ramadan reach this level?

I had no difficulty working with Ramadan.

Ramadan helps himself, well trained, strong concentration and willpower.

What about Aliyu Dieng, many questions about the financial player who made a great game against Kano Sport and then came back off the list?

There are always questions and requests to clarify the position of each player, I have 30 players on the list and at the end there are 11 players who play as key players and 3 substitutes participate.

Why doesn't Diang appear among them?

It is not my habit to talk publicly about the reasons for the decision making process.

In the end, we want to do everything to make everyone happy.

We see that Mohamed Magdy "Afsha" shines a lot under your guidance, does that mean Saleh Juma is far from your options?

I rarely talk about players, I always talk about the team and it is for me in the foreground.

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