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A rocket launch. Muhammad Abbas, the Englishman, was named for his brilliance against Southampton in 1979 by scoring a beautiful goal and a soccer ball that collided with the crossbar, which the crowd lifted to the sky, it seemed that he might be the successor of Mahmoud Al-Khatib, however.

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“Close to glory,” it might become a suitable title for the story of Abbas, who has drifted for many behavioral problems off the field that kept him from shining, and even playing from the ground.

“I do not hold a grudge for Saleh Selim.”

“I remember an old position that happened with me, I was cut off from training due to my previous crises and Mahmoud Al-Gohary took responsibility and asked for my return and asked for training only and to take charge of organizing my affairs. After having reached a distinct physical level, the team was about to travel to Germany to go to a preparation camp and its time, Saleh Selim refused He stressed that I will continue to be punished and not traveling, and his speech was unacceptable. “

“I returned to drop out of the training from the club and at the time I received an offer from the Egyptian through the late Sayed Metwally, he gave me 50 thousand pounds for training and went into the preparation period only and promised me to give me any amount once signed, I went through the preparation period just because I had explored things despite the difficulty of that, I could not From wearing another shirt other than Al-Ahly’s shirt, I informed Mitwalli about the difficulty of playing for non-Al-Ahly and asked for the return of the 50,000 pounds for him and you understand my position. “

“I hold a grudge in favor of Salim? Not impossible. His decision not to travel, which was one of the reasons for the end of my career, was not personal, but rather was a defense of the principles he establishes. When he disagreed with Al-Jawhari in the interest of Al-Ahly, he did not hesitate to do so, despite my previous mistakes, but I cannot be angry with any A symbol of Al-Ahly or those who wore his shirt, how is it going when we talk about a legend like the late Maestro?

“I used to play in Al-Ahly among the giants, and with my respect for all the people is not comparable to any other place, I did not imagine myself in another club and retired from a young age.”

The secret of the English title .. The loss of a luxury apartment due to a lost opportunity

Al-Ahly had a team named the Gifted Team from the ages of 17, 19 and 23 and was running friendly matches and others. After we had a strong match in Aswan and scored 3 goals, I was surprised by the management of the late team. Congratulations, he asked me to bring my clothes tomorrow and be in the Cairo stadium, the team had agreed to Showdown with Southampton, who was very famous then.

“I was surprised to be on the list of the 22 players, I felt very intimidated. The list included the Egypt national team at the time and the stadium with 120,000 fans and the first time I was in the stadium and I was not trained with this group of stars. In the last 10 minutes I found Hidekoti asking to participate and scored a distinguished goal after more From dodging and after that I played a distinguished double background that was more beautiful than the goal itself, the late Naguib Al-Mestkawi was called Abbas the English after him.

“The fans thought I was an African or Sudanese player, and a large number of them after the match went to the club’s headquarters in the Altech stadium, but it was known to me who was watching the junior and talented team matches, and then my start was with the team.”

“In the 80-81 season we were facing Zamalek, and before the match, one of the contracting companies allocated a huge reward, which is that whoever records the first goals of the match will get a luxury apartment in front of the university bridge, the match ended in a negative tie without goals and wasted a real opportunity a few seconds before the end of the game and lost an apartment with it Luxury. “

“We are going through a very difficult period at the moment after the Corona virus caused the football to stop life. My only pleasure was following all the matches. Now I spend a boring time, but I am sure to watch any recorded matches or old encounters.”

“Despite the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, the Al-Ahly club did not forget us and Mahmoud Al-Khatib specifically was keen to support us, there is an amount allocated to a group of old players who have special circumstances, and the preacher was behind spending it. After the outbreak of Corona I expected things to stop but I was surprised by calling them and they sent an employee with this amount To my home to save effort and hardship. “

“Al-Ahly was my home and did not forget me, although I did not last with him for a long time, there is also a wonderful position on the part of the Veterans Association, headed by Abdel-Moneim Al-Hajj and Mahmoud Abu Rujaila, and their role is very positive with the old players.”

Saleh Juma

As for Jumaa’s favor, I think that matters were closed with him in Al-Ahly, such as the domino game. Rene Fyler in his recent media appearance was clear and frank. It is better for him to have a new experience. There is no concern about the departure of any player to Zamalek. There are players who left for Zamalek, such as Gamal Abdel Hamid and Hossam. And Ibrahim Hassan and the championships continued and did not stop with a specific player. “

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