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He missed the Egyptian stadiums, he missed the Zamalek fans, and longed to practice what he loved. Everyone yearns to see Mahmoud Abdel-Rahim "ginsh" recover from a cut in the Achilles tendon.

Jensh has been out of action since his injury last June with Egypt before the last African Nations Cup.

What happened on June 28th, the day Jensh was injured?

Goalkeeper Zamalek says: "The injury came at the time of training and not because of anyone."

"I always train very seriously," he said during an appearance on OnSport. "I play any kind of game like a game where I have to fight and show everything I have.

"The injury made me more rational. He showed me many things I hadn't noticed before."

"I didn't believe all the support calls I received after the injury. Al-Ahly's players talked to me like Al Ittihad players from Alexandria, Ismaili, Egyptian, Enppi, Petrojet and all the teams. "

"I was very surprised and I have no words of thanks to them. I thank them very much and I thank the board of directors of Zamalek and the president of the club and Amir Murtada Mansour for their support for me in the past." .

Zamalek renewal and quota crisis

A minor crisis has recently broken out because Gansh did not get his debts, but ended quickly with the intervention of Zamalek president Mortada Mansour and Amir Murtada, the football director.

"I sat down with Amir Murtaza and talked about everything at that time and there was a state of misunderstanding between us and it was over," he said.

"The crisis ended the same day after my interview with Amir Murtada and with Murtaza Mansour, president of the club".

"I know I made a mistake talking about the social media crisis and apologized for this. Mortada Mansour knows very well that I am not doing any crisis and therefore the crisis is over."

"The injury affects a player's psyche a lot and makes you angry and goes through very difficult moments, so you're vulnerable to mistakes."

"In the coming days I will sign contracts to renew my contract with Zamalek. I want to continue with Zamalek for life," he said.

Salah's contribution and the date of return

Jensh touched the scenes, particularly with the help of Mohamed Salah after the accident.

"In the beginning, Salah spoke to me after I was injured and offered to help me in London. He told me he was ready to help me with anything, but I told him that things were going well," said Jensh .

He went on to say: "Much later, before my feet were removed from the plaster, I had to communicate with a private rehabilitation doctor.

He continued, "Mohamed Abul-Ela told me that the rehabilitation doctor for Mohamed Salah is very good, and here the team doctor spoke with Salah. So Salah talked to me and asked me; I told him that Mohamed Abul Ela says it is better to rehabilitate with the same doctor.

"Salah talked to his rehabilitation doctor and arranged all the things for me and in the end Spain traveled to the same place of rehabilitation. Salah supported me and helped me hard and the last phone call a few days ago I don't know what to say to him. Thank you very much. "

"The last call with Salah was to organize the final stages of the treatment. Now I will travel back to Spain on the 15th, 16th or 17th of this month, then I will return to Egypt for the final phase of rehabilitation."

The most important question, when will Jensh return to participate in Zamalek's training? "The doctor told me that it would be better to continue the qualification process for 6 months, so I will return at the end of this year or next January," he said.

Goal = fun

He always makes expressions that some see as "strange" during Zamalek's games.

"My goal is to enjoy football," the 32-year-old said calmly and with a broad smile.

"Fun is the most important thing in football. I don't focus on applause or anything during the games. I just want to have fun and win."

Jensh has collected 10 titles with Zamalek. He raised the trophy 6 times, the championship once, the Confederation Cup once, the Egyptian Super Cup once and the Saudi Egyptian Super Cup once.

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