FilGoal | News | Ehab Galal: we do not accept to change the date of the second stage


Emad Fathi celebrates the first goal of the Egyptian club in Egypt

The Egyptian coach Ehab Galal has stated that changing the date of his team's match against the Seychelles champions Cote Or will negatively affect his players, pointing out that it is possible to change the date of the match between Al Ittihad and Muharraq in the Arab league because he is friendly.

"The players played well and took advantage of the opportunities they had," said Jalal. "We are pleased that Ahmed Jomaa has returned to scoring.

"The second consecutive victory with a great result, four away goals in the Confederation, is good, thanks to the players".

"The date change for the third afternoon will negatively affect the players. It is better to play as expected from the African Union at 20:00."

"The Arab league is considered friendly and it is possible that the date of the game between Al Ittihad and Muharraq in Bahrain could be changed on another day."

Al Masri won 4-0 on the Gold Coast in Sunday's 32nd round of the first leg, scoring goals from Ahmed Yasser, Mahmoud Wadi, Austin Amoto and Ahmed Gomaa.

On Sunday 3 November, Alexandria will host the Egyptian match against Cote d 'Or, as well as the match between Al Ittihad and Muharraq of Bahrain in the first leg of the Mohammed VI European Cup.

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