FilGoal | News | Everton goalkeeper and former Manchester United: I hope Liverpool won't win titles until I breathe


US goalkeeper Tim Howard, former Everton and Manchester United goalkeeper, is still struggling with Liverpool, the eternal adversary of both teams wearing their shirts in the English Premier League.

Liverpool are in contention for the English Premiership with Manchester City, two rounds before the end and Barcelona in the Champions League semi-finals.

"I hope Liverpool doesn't win titles as long as I breathe," Howard said in a CNN interview.

"We have two teams in good shape and if no team falls, Manchester City will win the title," he said.

Two teams remain for each team, Manchester City has both Leicester City and Brighton, while Liverpool plays against Newcastle United and Wolverhampton, and if City wins the two games, it will win the championship title by one point.

"Analysts and fans are bad, he's the right man for the job and I hope the club spends money and brings players and that's not a problem," Manchester United said in four seasons before leaving for Everton in 2006-07 to defend his Norwegian teammate.

"He came and won every game in three months and everyone loves him and then they are ready to throw him from the edge, I think it is important to finish the season in one of the first four places."

Howard spent 10 seasons at Everton during which he was the main goalkeeper since 2006-07 before returning to the league again and announcing his retirement by the end of the year.

Choose Liverpool to face Barcelona


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