FilGoal | News | Finished in Confederation – Malindi City (1) Egyptian (4), a great victory for the Egyptians


Egyptian players celebrate Mahmoud Wadi's goal in the city of Malindi

Send it to you Coverage and live broadcast of the Malindi City match and the Egyptian, in the first stage of the second round of the African Confederation.

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The end of the meeting with the victory of the Egyptians four goals for a goal.

S. 75 substitutions for the Egyptian to enter Ahmed Yasser and Amr Moussa instead of Hassan Ali and Islam Attia.

S. 74 Hassan Ali repays and the goalkeeper shines and turns it into a corner.

S. 64 First substitution of the Egyptian with Austin Amoto instead of Mahmoud Wadi.

S. 52 Egyptian triplet and Mahmoud Wadi complete the triplet. An offense was committed in the penalty area and Choucha received it before Wadi completed it in the empty net.

S. 48 new heads from the valley next to the objective.

The beginning of the second half

The break

S. The first objective for landowners. A naive mistake between Sembori and Ahmed Choucha, exploited by the attacker and scored first for Malindi.

S. 40 جوووووووووووووول ثاااااا الثالث! A superb pass makes Mahmoud goalkeeper goalkeeper, putting the ball on him on the net.

S. 33 Joooooooooooooool Thaaaan .. Egyptian Hassan Ali Nacie marks the second goal.

S. 27 first goooooooool for the Egyptian. An attack by Saidu Sembori was welcomed by Mahmoud Wadi with a header on the net.

S. 23 yellow cards for the Egyptian Mahmoud Valley striker.

20 minutes have passed and a draw without goals.

S. 8 Mahmoud Wadi goalkeeper and two weak shots to the goalkeeper twice.

S. 7 new crosses by Hassan Ali, compensated by Mahmoud Wadi with a header near the post.

S. First chance for the Egyptian with a header from Mahmoud Wadi near the goal a little.

The beginning of the game


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