FilGoal | News | For a similar march with Ahli? My wife is shaking Jose's hand in a fun way


Martine Lasarte, the current coach of Ahli, wants a march similar to that of Manuel Jose in the same job.

To clarify this, the Uruguayan Portuguese has shaken hands in a fun way at Al-Ahli on Wednesday, where Al Ahly's historic bus participated in the Al-Ahli headquarters.

Asarti wiped her shoulder and silenced him as if trying to take the pool from him, before entering a joke connection after the end of the interview.

Jose has won 18 titles with Al Ahli, while Lassarty is trying to win the championships of the league, the cup and the African Champions League this season amid a tough competition.

Al-Ahly is preparing to face the youth of the Algerian Saoura, where Al-Saoura leads the Group D with 8 points, Al Ahly and Vita Club 7 points and Simba Tanzani 6 points.

Al-Ahly meets Al-Saoura in the final round, winning Al-Ahli means reaching the tenth point and this means qualifying directly without thinking about any calculation.

Although Vita Club beat Simba in the same round in Tanzania, Al Ahli will qualify as the favorite for direct confrontation between him and Vita.

But what if Al Ahli didn't win? (Know all the scenarios of Ahli's arrival for the African quarter-finals)

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