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Ahmed Al-Ahmar, the Egyptian handball star, is on the verge of becoming the pharaoh's top scorer in the history of world championships.

The Egyptian handball team is opening its ninth match mid-day against Sweden in Group D games.

Al-Ahmar will play Egypt in the handball world championship for the eighth time in a row, and the pharaohs have scored 215 goals so far.

Hussein Zaki, who is the top scorer in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Africa in the world handball championship, scored 221 goals in six games with the pharaohs.

Ahmed Al Ahmar has a great chance of being the top scorer in Egypt and Africa as Egypt plays at least five games in the group stage.

Ahmed Al-Ahmar has already won the award for the best player in a World Cup match 8 times before and the last before Qatar in the World Cup last year.

The participation of Ahmed Al Ahmar at the World Championships was as follows:

France 2017 (21 goals)

Qatar 2015 (27 goals)

Spain 2013 (42 goals)

Sweden 2011 (37 goals)

Croatia 2009 (36 goals)

Germany 2007 (38 goals)

Tunisia 2005 (14 goals)

While Hussein Zaki in the world championships as follows:

Egypt 99 (6 goals)

France 2001 (39 goals)

Portugal 2003 (61 goals)

Tunisia 2005 (36 goals)

Germany 2007 (29 goals)

Croatia 2009 (50 goals)



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