FilGoal | News | Hazem Imam: I do not know who nurtures the idea of ​​canceling the championship .. and the role of the stars of 2006 in the organization of the Cup of Nations


Hazem Imam, a member of the Football Federation's board of directors, has condemned rumors about the possibility of canceling the league this season to equip the stadiums to host the African Nations Cup next summer.

"I do not know who feeds the idea of ​​canceling the championship, the idea has not been raised from the ground and I do not know why it's being played," he said.

He added: "No official has been authorized, nor the Minister of Sport nor the President of the Football Association and its members any word to indicate the abolition of the championship".

"Why is this strange idea an inconvenience?"

Hazem Imam made his remarks about it: "As we cancel the championship as we prepare for the African Nations Cup, everyone laughs at us if we do not complete the competition".

He also suggested that a member of the Federcalcio Board of Directors use some of the stars of the Egyptian team by winning the African Nations Cup in 2006, organizing the version to be hosted in Egypt next summer.

Hazem Imam said, "There's an idea to form a committee of stars like Essam Al-Hadari, Ahmed Hassan, Mohammed Zidan and other generations of 2006 to play a role in one way or in the world. other with the delegations of the countries participating in the tournament ".

He added: "They are honorable faces and they enjoy a great deal of relationships, we will discuss the important names that have been presented in Egypt and we will present the names of the candidates for the post of tournament director".

"The African Football Confederation has shown confidence in Egypt as a country and its weight on the continent by awarding a large tournament four months ahead of schedule, a step that can not be supported by any country".

"Egypt has a good infrastructure and the federation is trying to organize things in a very short time, we have set up bilateral and tripartite meetings to see how things will go in over the meeting with the sports minister at the of the football federation, "he said.

Hazem Imam added: "I hope that the stadiums of Egypt will be in good shape and that the process of entry to the fans will be organized half hour before the meeting, as we see in Europe and the & # 39; commitment of each fan to the number of seats, providing drinks, food and recreational services within each stadium ".

In another context, Imam is surprised by the inflated prices of players in the Egyptian transfer market

"Of course, player prices are exaggerated, but they are limited to Al Ahli, Zamalek and Pyramids, while the rest of the other clubs are players at normal prices," he said.

"When Salah Mohsen joined Ahli from Enppi with a huge number that surprised everyone, but that figure has become normal in recent times, and we have discovered that Hussein Shehat and other players join the three clubs I mentioned in large quantities ".

"The prices of the players have become (Khazbali) no one expected to reach this limit a year and a half ago."

"It is interesting that clubs in Europe are able to recover the money paid in transactions from the sale of shirts, match tickets and other marketing resources: in Egypt, where will the clubs be listed as they paid?"



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