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The African Football Confederation (CAF) was tasked with managing the match between Zamalek and Tangier with South African referee Victor Gomez.

Zamalek was defeated in a goalless draw against Tenerife in Morocco in the 32nd round of the Confederation Cup. (See details)

Taghreer will host Zamalek on Saturday in the same round. A meeting run by the South African Victor Gomez.

Gomez managed a game for Zamalek and was in the African Champions League before the Algerian federation in the pre-tournament version of the tournament.

AFC defeated Zamalek 2-0 in the fourth round of the group stage.

The defeat of Zamalek complicated the position of the white team in the group and eventually failed to qualify.

The match saw the departure of Tarek Hamed after a clash with Amir Sayoud.

The South African referee fell to the ground during his attempts to stand in front of Amir Saud to prevent him from attacking the Zamalek player.

At the end, The referee decided to expel the couple in the 60th minute.

Amir Saoud was sent off, while Tarek Hamed received a second yellow card and left the stadium.

The result was a time for the Algerian team to score for nothing, and with half-time remaining, UEFA scored the second goal in the last minute.

Gomez has not played any matches for the Tangier League in the African Championships.

Gomez with Egypt

The Egyptian team has not lost any correspondence with Victor Gomez, who is one of the best referees on the African scene.

The pharaohs beat Uganda 1-0 in qualifying for the World Cup with Mohamed Salah in the first minutes of play.

The second match of Gomez with Egypt was against Tunisia in the 3-2 round of African qualifiers for Africa.

The goal of Mohamed Salah's killer wrote the victory of the Egyptian team against Tunisia for 3-2.

The last appearance of Gomez with the Egyptian teams was with Ahli in the Champions League semifinal of last year.

ES Setif defeated Al Ahly 2-1 in the semi-finals, but Red Giant reached the final thanks to a 2-0 home win.

In the end Al Ahly lost the title of Esperance.

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