FilGoal | News | Immortal sayings of Salih Salim: They will say about me, Zamalkawi .. I have nothing worthy of it without Al-Ahly

His positions and statements remain present in the minds of all Egyptian football fans in general, and Al-Ahly fans in particular.

The maestro was a character who rarely existed or repeated. Like his strength and personality, his famous sayings came to remain immortal in everyone’s minds.

On the occasion of his death, Reprinting a collection of Maestro Saleh’s most prominent quotes.

“Al-Ahly is above everyone.”

Not a saying, but a principle established by Saleh Selim, who followed in the footsteps of his teacher and mentor, Mukhtar Elche, in implementing this rule inside Al-Ahly.

It was intended that Al-Ahly is above all of its children, and the club’s interest outweighs any personal interests of any of its members.

“The Egyptian ball needs Al Ahly and it also needs Zamalek. Both gave the ball many of its victories and championships and its most beautiful stories.”

Saleh Selim was a friend of many stars and symbols of Zamalek, and he always believed that the more the two teams were in their natural strength, the greatest beneficiary would be the Egyptian ball.

“Go to congratulate Zamalek? No, of course. They will think that I let down my fans and my club and went to celebrate the opponent’s victory … and they could see a rumor that I was Zamalkawi!”

Despite the friendship that linked Saleh with the symbols of Zamalek, he was, as head of Al-Ahly, refused to go to the Zamalek club to congratulate him on the title of one of the championships he achieved in respect of the fans of Al-Ahly.

“If he is Haikal, then I am Salim Salim.”

A proposal that the great writer Mohamed Hassanein Heikal undertake the writing of the introduction to a book that tells the story of Saleh Selim’s life, followed by a request from the book’s author, Dr. Yasser Ayoub that Salih Salim go to request this from Haykal.

But the maestro refused to go to anyone even if it was a structure, it is valid.

“Mukhtar Al-Touch is my teacher, and he who taught me the love of Al-Ahly. Had it not been for him, Saleh would not have been healthy.”

Acknowledgment to the great Mahmoud Mahmoud Mukhtar El-Tish accompanied Mishwar Saleh from day one, as player, administrator and head of Al-Ahly.

“Salim Salim is not worth anything without Al-Ahly. It is not worth anything except because he will speak about Al-Ahly.”

Arab Radio and Television channels (A.R.T) came to make a dialogue with the maestro, and presented him with a check in the amount of three hundred thousand pounds in his name. However, Saleh asked to write the check in the name of Al-Ahly Club. When the channel’s officials tried to persuade him that the dialogue was personal and informative, Saleh Salim’s response was that Al-Ahly was the one he deserved, not he.

“Whoever wants to give up to Ahli is welcome … the door misses a camel”

When some mid-season players tried to play a card of attractive contracts from other clubs, the maestro’s response was one and decisive.

A principle that many followed after him, most notably the late Thabet Al-Batal.

“I don’t have any problem. We are scratched and there is no championship. One year and two … but we work correctly and take all the tournaments after that.”

In the early nineties, Al-Ahly passed through a difficult period that ended with the withdrawal of confidence from the Council of Abdo Saleh Al-Wahsh and the re-election of Saleh Salim as President.

At the beginning of his reign, he was keen to tell the Al-Ahly fans the truth, and this is what happened.

A saying repeated by the Maestro again at the beginning of the third millennium and told by Portuguese Manuel Jose at the beginning of his reign. It was once again.

“I am not convinced that I do not know how to optimize. If I had come back in time, I wouldn’t have done that.”

After many years of starring in “The Black Candles” and two other experiences in cinema, Saleh did not seem convinced despite the unprecedented success of the film.

“Al-Ahly will not participate in this farce. Al-Ahly is the owner of joy, and if we want to sit in the back chairs, we will not attend at all.”

Final Arab Championship for Clubs Cup Winners 1995.. President of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports Abdel Moneim Amara asked Saleh Selim to sit in the second row of the cabin to make room for President Mubarak and his guests in the first row.

The maestro replied that he would leave the stadium and leave this farce. Not because he wants to sit at the front, but because he is the owner of the house and must be at the front of my future guests.

This is what happened.

“I may overlook my right … but the rights of Al-Ahly are impossible.”

Simply put, this was the principle of Saleh Salim throughout his life, on and off the field.

“Al-Ahly has been the best club on the African continent for the past 100 years … and it will remain so with its children, players and fans.”

The word Maestro receives the “Club of the Century” award at the African Union celebration in Johannesburg.

“If you stop for a defect, the championship will get lost. Get ready … because it will stop, and it is not important for the championship.”

Hossam Hassan throws Al-Ahly shirt on the ground in the spring of 1994. Saleh summons the team’s coach, Alan Harris, and asks him whether it means stopping Hossam Hassan losing the league.

When Harris replied in the affirmative, Saleh taught him an unforgettable lesson.

It was not an odd position for those who stopped an entire team before the Zamalek match in the 1985 Egypt Cup to compete with the juniors.

And both times he won the principle .. and the championship.

“Al-Ahly Club belongs to those who made it … and those who made it are its fans.”

Without any explanation.

“Al-Ahly is my home and my life from the day I entered and I am 14 years old … He will prefer my home and my life until the day I die”

And he remained like that .. He started his career there at fourteen years, and remained with him until his funeral came out of its doors on this day 18 years ago.

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