FilGoal | News | Interview – Amer Hussain at league clubs: why do you object immediately after the deal? .. and a message to the extensions and Petrojet


The head of the competition committee, Amer Hussein, criticized the opposition of the clubs to the dates of the last round of the competition, despite the initial approval of all the proposals.

"We were surprised that some clubs have signed a request to cancel the landing and the inside is what started it," said Amer Hussein in a long interview on the evening program.

"The interior, for example, was not damaged, didn't play games away from home, where is the damage it did?"

"What is the relationship between Ahli and the Petrojet contractors?" He said.

"Al Ahly has had magazines because he competes in the African Champions League, as is happening all over the world, he is competing for the championship and the contractors are competing for the semifinals, that is, the two teams have nothing to do with the conflict in "descent.

"Is it possible that Petrojet wants to exhaust the contractors in their match against Al Ahli before their games?", Said program presenter Medhat Shalabi.

"Petrojet has to win its last game regardless of anything to make sure it stays," said Amer Hussein.

At the end of the league, he said: "After the 10-day African Nations Cup, three games will remain for Zamalek and the league will end."

"Why were there so many players despite the agreement with the clubs at the start?" Chalabi answered.

"Sometimes clubs travel abroad to play and before they return they say that there are no planes to take away from the team, what do I do or what to tell them? We have to postpone."

"In general, all the coaches are present in all the championships, and this happened recently with Manchester City, which was competing against Liverpool in the league and for the connection to some games in other competitions the games were postponed" .

"All the clubs have agreed the proposals at the beginning and now they object, I don't understand why it happened".

"This is something for the players' affairs committee," he said.

"We started the league before December and we got some exceptions and this will certainly happen to us," said Amer Hussein.

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