FilGoal | News | Ismaili confirms the player's negotiation with Pyramids


Football manager Ismaili Sabri al-Minyawi said he was not satisfied with the behavior of team-mate Emad Hamdi and goalkeeper Mohamed Fawzi before facing Al-Jazira in the first round of the Arab championship.

"What the duo did overnight outside the team's field on the night of the match caused everyone sorrow. It's a ridiculous situation," Minyawi said on youth and sports radio.

He said: "Emad Hamdi seems angry about not being involved in the last game against the league's border guards, but the coach would have relied on him in the Al-Jazira game."

"It seems that Emad Hamdi is busy negotiating with Pyramids, when he is offered 10 or 12 million pounds per season and is currently earning 1.5 million pounds, he is confused," Ismaili said.

"I am sad about what Imad Hamdi is doing, because he is a good figure, but in general his contract with Ismaili is extended for two seasons," Sabri said.

Ismaili beat Al Jazira 2-0 by Benson Chilengo and the two teams will meet in the United Arab Emirates on November 23rd.

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