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Has Barcelona been quick to allow one of its players to leave the city since January 1? Will he pay dearly at the end of the month?

Barcelona settled the future of player Carles Alenia quickly and loaned him already to Real Betis until the end of the season, how will the impact of this deal on the second round in Barcelona?

The departure of Alenya from the beginning of the month, not the end of it, could put Ernesto Valverde in trouble if Arturo Vidal leaves and the administration is unable to compensate him.

With Artur Millo entering the “glass player” case and taking part in just 12 games this season, Valverde will only have 4 midfielders to count on for the remainder of the season, including Sergei Roberto, who is also counted as right-back.

Cling to Vidal

It is no longer a secret that the Chilean captain wants to leave Barcelona this winter, and his desired destination is Inter Milan, to meet again with his former coach in Juventus, Antonio Conte.

But the departure of Vidal will cost Barcelona very expensive, not only with the loss of a midfielder who managed to contribute to 6 goals until the moment, but on the numerical level Barcelona will face a shortage of individuals.

So the Barcelona deal will be the most important in the first place, is to ensure that Fidel does not leave without providing an alternative.

Retrieve talent before it is too late

Years before he starred with Croatia’s Dinamo Zagreb and led Spain to the European Youth Championship last summer, Danny Olmo was already among Barcelona’s walls.

One of the most important offensive talents on the continent of Europe, he spent 7 years in Lamasia, and departed to mark a distinguished march in the ranks of Dinamo Zagreb, and now “it is time for the next stage of his career,” as he recently stated.

Olmo is close to leaving Dinamo Zagreb, and Barcelona seems interested in bringing him to become an offensive solution at the wing level, especially in light of Osman Dembele’s many injuries.

Olmo has been followed by a large number of European clubs, which could accelerate the management of Barcelona with his delegation this winter.

Before he forgets about football

Since hiring Jean-Claire Todibo in January 2019, the French defense has had only 5 matches with Barcelona.

His exit loaned into a mandatory option this winter after a year of marginalization.

Milan has emerged as a club interested in saving Todibo from the specter of the bench, but negotiations have stalled, according to several Italian reports.

The player described as “the new Varane” is unable to form Valverde’s primary under his full dependence on Gerard Pique and Clement Longley.

Suarez’s successor

As Luis Suárez gets older, Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martins appears as a player who has recently received the attention of Barcelona.

The player’s agent has stated that Barcelona is interested in Laotaro, but the deal appears to be too big to take place on the winter market.

The player may eventually move to Barcelona, ​​but not during January, given his team’s need for him to regain the Serie A title, and the lack of an urgent need to bring him to the Blaugrana in the middle of the season.

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