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Gonzalo Iguaín – Juventus – Udinese – Italian Cup

Juventus club sports manager Fabio Baratici believes that the exchange of players after the end of the Corona virus crisis will bring football closer to the NBA.

Clubs suffer from the stoppage of sports activity for nearly a month at the financial level due to lack of financial returns from broadcasting rights, match tickets and marketing, which will increase for another month at least to reduce the spread of the virus.

Paratici Bibi Marotta, sports director of Inter Milan, agrees that the Corona virus will have an impact on the transfer market.

He told the Italian newspaper, “Toto Sport”: “There will be many exchanges, a position that will bring football closer to American professional basketball.”

“It seems that some clubs, such as German, may benefit from this catastrophe, especially since Germany has a more stable economy than other countries.”

The NBA does not have a player’s selling value. Rather, players move through swap or free deals.

Italy is the most affected in Europe by the Corona virus, cases rose to 86,498, while deaths reached 9134 cases and recovery was 10950.

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