FilGoal | News | Mujahid: Abu Raida is president of the Football Association by acclamation, even if Schubert runs against him


Ahmed Mujahid is deeply confident that Hani Abu Ridah will win the presidency of the Football Association again, which will be held after the closing of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

“I suspect that Abu Raida will win by acclamation,” Mujahid said while hosting the Echo Channel.

“I mean,” I mean, he will not run against him, or perhaps a competitor who does not seem strong enough.

When asked about Ahmed Schubert announcing his intention to run for the presidency of the Football Association, Ahmed Mujahid replied, “Captain Schubert is a great name on the field, but I repeat Abu Raida will win by acclamation even if Schubert is nominated in front of him.”

“The competition for membership is different from the presidency seat regarding the conviction of the General Assembly,” added the former member of the Football Association.

“I support the widening of the voting base in the elections for the largest number of clubs, and despite what is said that how equality is between Al-Ahly, Zamalek and a youth center, the FIFA elections have a small civil union, a voice like the big federations,” he said.

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