FilGoal | News | Mustafa Kemal: Carteron inadvertently wronged Ahli


Mustafa Kemal believes that French coach Patrice Cartiron was wrong to take Ahly at the start of the season.

"In an extremely difficult time, and in a numerical deficit after the departure of a number of players different from the number of victims," ​​Kamal said during his hosting of Al-Allaib.

"All these obstacles have been resolved by the club management by signing special agreements in January".

"Despite these difficulties, Al Ahly qualified for the Champions League final under Cartieron's leadership and did not leave the advanced positions, but the biggest problem was getting out of the Arab league".

"Mohamed Yousif told me that the administration Ahli has decided to fire Cartier and the cargo planner Michael Lindeman, but I decided to resign to raise the embarrassment and give the club officials the opportunity to negotiate with another goalkeeping coach ".

"I was under unfathomable criticism, Mohammed Al-Shennawi played 22 games under the former coach and scored 10 goals in a clean network, and he gave exceptional levels to Township and Houria Conakry."

"In the match against ES Setif in Algeria, Al-Shennawi suffered 12 shots on goal and threatened us with 12 corner kicks, which is a great number that Ahli has not gotten used to."

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