FilGoal | News | Nader Shawki in Joule: El Gouna refuses to face Al Ahli on Wednesday .. in solidarity with his statement


Nader Shawki, head of El Gouna, the manager of the 11-man football team, announced his solidarity with the statement by Al-Ahli, who refused to play in any league match, before facing deferred Zamalek.

El Gouna's decision is important, because it is Ahly's next rival according to the ranking.

Shawki told "We refuse to face Al-Ahli on Wednesday."

"In solidarity with Al-Ahli's statement, it is in our interest."

He underlined "the declaration meets our needs for justice and equal opportunities, especially because we will be more stressful than Ahli".

"Thursday we will face Egypt while Al Ahly will not meet rivals".

Previously, Al-Ahli issued an official statement pointing out that "he will not play any matches in the league before playing the postponed Zamalek game".

Al-Ahli's statement stressed that "he respects and appreciates security and his role in securing matches and national teams", but refuses to invest "some, security vision to solve the randomness of football competitions".

The Egyptian Football Federation announced on Tuesday evening to postpone the match at the summit between Al Ahli and Zamalek indefinitely and then the declaration released a new declaration to present the Zamalek game and the contractors simultaneously with the postponement of the clash between contractors and Aswan.

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