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Ahli Rene Feiler's coach will present a preliminary report to the club's planning committee, including his assessment of the team's players within a few days of taking over.

The report includes an assessment of the technical and physical level of each player on Al Ahli's first team.

The Swiss have repeatedly met the manager of the soccer team, Abdelhafid and the assistant coach Sami T-shirts, to consult some points.

Feiler's report is preliminary because the young coach wants to better evaluate international players and the Olympic team.

Feiler wants to see these players up close in club rehearsals.

Ahli has signed a contract with Feller for a season to replace Swiss coach Martin Lasarte, who left after the team was eliminated from the Egyptian Cup final 2018-2019.

Feller's first challenge will be on September 14th when it will host the Cano Sport of Equatorial Guinea in the round of the African Champions League group of 32.

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