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FilGoal | News | Officially – Extending players ’contracts and delaying the start of transfers .. Learn about FIFA’s decisions to face the effects of Corona

The International Football Association (FIFA) issued a number of decisions today, Tuesday, against the effects of the Corona virus and the interruption of soccer activity in the world.

The FIFA statement on its official website stated that these decisions came after a discussion with the stakeholders of common interests through a working group chaired by the Vice President of the International Federation Vittorio Montagliani.

Some decisions were agreed upon:

Players contracts

Player contracts with clubs usually expire at the end of the season, but it is currently clear that the season will not end in the time specified for it before.

** Therefore it is proposed to extend the contracts until the season actually ends and this should be in line with the original intention of the two parties – the club and the player – when signing the contract to end at the end of the season.

As for the upcoming transfers, it is clear that the new season will be delayed.

** Therefore, this contract will take effect at the beginning of the new season already.

Economic impacts

It is clear that the Corona pandemic has caused major economic impacts on club returns, so we should have found fair and equitable solutions to these conditions in the hope of achieving a fair and reasonable balance of the interests of players and clubs.

FIFA encourages clubs and players to work together to reach agreements and solutions during the period when activity has already been suspended.

Also, the National Union must find solutions that suit the conditions in their country, and in FIFA it recommends that everyone consider every situation in an equal manner, including government measures in place to support clubs and players, and whether to postpone the payment of premiums or reduce contracts and what is the existing insurance plan.

If the clubs do not agree with the players and the case reaches FIFA, the following will be examined:

** Was there a real attempt by the club to reach an agreement with the players?

** What is the economic status of the club?

** What happened in amending the players ’contracts?

** Net income for players after modifying their contracts, whether or not the players are treated equally.

In this way, FIFA hopes to find fair and balanced solutions for all parties.

Transfer market

As for the transfer market, it is necessary to amend the known normal position, and FIFA will be flexible and allow windows of transfers between the end of the old season and the beginning of the new season.

FIFA will try to ensure a full level of coordination wherever possible, bearing in mind the need to protect the regularity, integrity and functioning of the competitions so that the sporting results of any competition are not unfair.

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