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FilGoal | News | Osama Nabih: My heart did not compel me to score in Zamalek before the Cup final .. And victory over Al-Ahly was like a championship

Osama Nabih recalled the memories of his return to Zamalek Club in the summer of 2002 after a short professional experience at the Kuwait Kuwaiti Club.

Nabih indicated, during his hosting on “On Time Sports” channel, that “I moved to Kuwait Kuwait at the start of the 2002/2001 season after starring in a friendly tournament in the Arab Contractors Club in a match that ended with a 4-1 victory over Al-Ahly against a lineup that includes young players like Sharif Ekrami and Mohamed Fadl.” .

He continued, “I decided to leave because I insisted on playing as a spearhead after my employment with Zamalek in several centers such as the left and right back, the midfielder and others.”

He noted, “My experience in Kuwait lasted only 4 months because the league there included only 7 clubs, and there were two cup championships remaining, but I refused to wait to play a match every two months, so I moved to Al-Mahalla in January 2002 and played with him for four months.”

“In the same season, Zamalek lost to Al-Ahly 1-6, and it was the shock of a lifetime, while my colleagues in Al-Mahalla lost the league title to Al-Ahly, where we tied 1-1, and the championship went to Ismaili.”

“I had a great performance with Al-Mahalla and the team was participating in the African Championship, and we qualified to face Zamalek in the Egypt Cup semi-final,” he added.

And he added, “I knew that I would move to Zamalek after our match in the Cup. My side reconciled in some opportunities and in others my heart did not obey me to score.”

“I had many easy chances in front of the goal, to the point that I once said to Ibrahim Hassan, the ball was dispersed in front of me, and the match ended with Zamalek winning 2-1, he qualified for the final and won the cup at the expense of the Mahalla municipality.”

Osama Nabih confirmed that the twins Hossam and Ibrahim Hassan caused a state of alert among Zamalek players, which led to the team winning several titles during the period from 2001 to 2004.

Nabih said: “The alert status was not present before in the exercises, it feels like we want to convince the twins that we are better and stronger with them or without them. Their presence on the team is the latest unprecedented situation, they refuse to lose in a table game.”

“Before the twins came to Zamalek, there was no season, otherwise I would win the team with a championship.”

However, he concluded, “As for the seven seasons in which the title of Al-Ahly was crowned in the league in the nineties, we won it in the league, as happened in 1994 and 1996, then winning against Al-Ahly was considered a championship sometimes for us or as it is said (season of season) even if the league was to be crowned He is in it. “

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