FilGoal | News | Pogelban: I did not try to transfer Al-Naqaz to Al-Ahly … and I expect an Egyptian summit in the African Champions Final

Former Al-Ahly player Anis Bujelban said he did not broker the transfer of Hamdi Al-Naqaz from Zamalek’s ranks to his traditional rivals.

“What has been raised about my transfer of Al-Naqaz to Al-Ahly is not true, and Al-Ahly has not thought of Al-Naqaz,” Pogelban said on channel “On Time Sports” today, Tuesday.

On the authority of Ali Maaloul and Ferjani Sassi, he said: “Maaloul shines in Al-Ahly and we feel proud in Tunisia for what he offers with the team.”

“As for Sassi, I think he is happy in Zamalek and does not prefer to leave because he feels comfortable and one of the reasons for his brilliance in the stadium is the presence of Tariq Hamid near him.”

As for his expectations for the final of the African Champions League, given that Al-Ahly met Wadad and Zamalek, please said: “I expect an Egyptian summit in the final.”

“Al-Ahly increased by 99% in the final, and I certainly hope so.”

Al-Ahly coach Pogelban praised Feneri and said: “Some Mamelodi Sun Downs meet has become a matter of control and knows how matches are played in Africa after a period of vibration despite local control.”

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