FilGoal | News | President Smouha: the dismissal of Tarek Yahya? The players decided to do without him before firing them


The head of the Smouha club, Faraj Amer, offered a controversial interpretation of his decision to dismiss former coach Tarek Yahya.

"Tariq Yahya is a distinguished coach and has many successful experiences with Al-Ismaily and Al-Ismaili," Yahia said during her hosting of the Al-Mitch program via Echo Al-Balad.

"But he's had a lot of misfortunes since he took Smouha's command and tried to break the gauntlet more than once by slaughtering the calves in collaboration with the players before the exercises."

"In the team's 4-0 loss to the stars, I think the players knew that Tareq Yahya was going to leave a lot of them in January, so they decided to save him before he gave up," Smouha said.

"This is my belief and my sense of strength, because I also noticed a state of indifference: the players scored the first goal of a handball and scored the second goal of a clear infiltration, no player has opposed Smouha ".

Smouha has been trained for three coaches this season: Ali Maher Al Mshwar, Tarek Yahya and Adel Abdul Rahman, Al Ahli's youth team coach.

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