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MADRID [Reuters] – Real Madrid has rejected the idea of ​​moving the home game against Barcelona in the Primera Liga to play at the Santiago Bernabeu instead of at the Camp Nou, due to the turbulence in Catalonia. According to a report published by the Spanish newspaper "AS".

The report states that sources at the Spanish club told him that the amendment is very complex and rejected the legal section of the club's idea of ​​adapting the stadium, and explained that the club plans to make some adjustments in field based on the dates during which matches will not be held in the competition.

The report pointed out that Real Madrid has understood the current situation and agrees to postpone the game at another date, but must be held for the first leg at the Camp Nou.

However, Barca has not yet considered the decision to move the game, as the club currently prefers to remain silent until the competition committee of the Spanish football association makes its final decision.

What happened

Numerous demonstrations took place in Catalonia in response to the ruling of the Supreme Court on Monday in Spain against nine people accused of violent rebellion, convictions of sedition, abuse of public funds and disobedience about their role in Catalonia's attempt to independence two years ago.

Barcelona issued a statement stating that the conflict in Catalonia could be resolved through political dialogue and asked the decision makers to lead the dialogue and negotiation process to resolve the current dispute, which would allow the release of civil leaders and arrested politicians currently arrested.

The next big match between Barcelona and Real Madrid is the first for the Catalan club at the Camp Nou after the Supreme Court's decision, as it has not played any games before the outbreak of the crisis due to the international suspension.

Barcelona is preparing to travel to Eibar in the ninth round of the Primera Liga and travel Thursday instead of Friday to face the hosts Saturday at 1:00 pm.

Real Madrid, meanwhile, will travel to Real Mallorca at 21:00 on Saturday.

La Liga has decided to move the first stage between the two teams in the first round to dispute at the Santiago Bernabeu instead of the Camp Nou, the opposite in the second round.

The LaLiga is trying to avoid a situation that could jeopardize the security situation in the light of the constant disturbances and demonstrations in Barcelona.

The next round between Barcelona and Real Madrid will take place in the tenth round of the Spanish championship on the 26th of this month, and the next round will be held in March.

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