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FilGoal | News | Stay home – Gilberto and the Game of 8 Questions: About a legend he wanted to play with .. and a future position in Al Ahly

Believing from His societal role in fighting the Corona virus and contributing to the “Stay Home” campaign, we present to you a new paragraph by asking a number of questions for a star, who answers from his home.

This time with one of Al-Ahly’s icons, Angolan left back Sebastiao Gilberto.

What is the happiest moment in your career?

With Angola winning the Africa Cup of Nations under 20 in Ethiopia and qualifying for the World Cup in Argentina in 2001, but the most important event is qualifying for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

With Al-Ahly there were many happy moments. We have achieved many championships and achievements, especially at the continental level, and playing in the Club World Cup.

What is the worst moment in your career?

I have chosen the injury that I suffered in Achilles tendon as well as the loss of the 2007 African Champions League, especially as the final was on our court.

You had a good relationship with Portuguese coach Manuel Jose, so what do you think of him as a person and as a coach?

Jose is a great coach. He discovered a lot of talent and built a great team in Al Ahly. He knew how to achieve success because he is a smart person. On a personal level, he was a father and a brother to us and made us all one family.

In your opinion, you had a distinguished partnership with Flavio, what was your best goal for him?

We were a special duo, Flavio was moving a lot and we were very understanding but I don’t remember a specific target. Every goal I contributed with my colleagues is of particular interest to me.

Who was the player you were dreaming of playing next to?

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, I watched many clips for him when he was a player. He was impressive and sent him greetings and I wish him success as head of Al-Ahly Club.

If you have the opportunity to work in Al-Ahly in the future, what is the position you find suitable for you?

Working in Al-Ahly is a great honor for me, especially since you are a former player in a big club. I will choose an administrative position such as Pavel Nedved in Juventus or Javier Zanetti in Inter Milan and I will serve the club in any work requested of me.

Do you follow Al-Ahly matches during the previous period and what do you think of the team’s offer?

Yes, I watch all the matches of the team and Al Ahly currently has a strong team and a technical manager at a high level. I hope the ball will come back after the Corona virus has been eliminated and the team will achieve the CAF Champions League.

What is your team of 5 players from the historic generation of Al-Ahly?

A very difficult choice. I played with big players like Issam El-Hadary, Wael Gomaa, Mohamed Abu Trika, Mohamed Barakat, Flavio, Imad Mitib and others so I will say that the 30 players who have been with me in every season in Al-Ahly are always the best.

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