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Seemingly, Al-Ahly is no longer interested in contracting Nigerian striker Blessing Aliki, a Swiss Luzern striker, according to Swiss reports.

The Swiss newspaper (Luzerner Zeitung) claimed in an exclusive report “Al-Ahly is no longer interested in hiring you.”

Lucerne hired Fabio Celestini as the new coach for the team, before Elyke first trained with him.

Al-Ahly, despite its recent progress in negotiations with the Swiss club, except that “Things are frozen now and the Egyptian club does not want to join you.”, According to the Swiss newspaper.

The Swiss journalist spoke to Riley Fyler, coach of Al-Ahly, about Eliki, and perhaps the statements of the Red Genie coach confirm the dismissal of the Nigerian striker.

Fyler said: “The talk of hiring you is over.”

Interesting statements the newspaper relied on to confirm “the continuation of you with Lucerne.”

In its view, the newspaper explained the reason Al-Ahly had withdrawn from the deal and wrote “Ike’s performance this season is disappointing, unlike what he did last season.”

The 23-year-old played 21 games this season and scored 3 goals.

Eliki previously trained under the leadership of Feiler, who joined him for Lucerne in July 2018.

Amir Tawfiq, director of contracts for Al-Ahly, said earlier: “It is possible to include a striker or a defender. Things are unstable and there are changes. Saad Samir was injured and he will be absent for a long time. Rene Fyler may change his mind.” (See details)

Al-Ahly contracted with Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim, “Kahraba”, and there is another deal left for him, so far, according to Amir Tawfiq.

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