FilGoal | News | The agreement was announced. The date of the crisis meeting between Liverpool and Aston Villa


LONDON [Reuters] – Liverpool reached an agreement with AFC Villa to meet the Aston Villa in the English League Cup quarter-finals on December 17th.

This comes just a day before Liverpool play a semi-final for the Club World Cup in Qatar.

It was a crisis that broke out some time ago due to requests to postpone the game while Liverpool went to the Club World Cup and coach Juergen Klopp insisted he could not play two different teams simultaneously.

However, the League Cup website stated that an agreement was reached with Liverpool to include the best players available.

"Each team must involve the best players available during cup competitions unless there are exceptional circumstances," the statement said.

"We know the challenges facing clubs and we have been assured by Liverpool that we have the best players available to ensure the fairness of the competition," said Dave Cookson, director of services of the English Clubs Association.

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