FilGoal | News | The head of one: a believer does not suffer from muscular atrophy but a specific disease .. And this will happen


Saoud al-Harbi, president of the club, denied that a man had been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, adding that he suffered from another disease.

The head of one: "Mumin Zakaria suffers from a certain disease will not be revealed at the time."

"The disclosure will take place after all tests, medical reports and their results will be confirmed," he said during his observations.

"The player needs care and will therefore be able to train normally."

"On Saturday we held a long session with Momen Zakaria and last Sunday the final decision between the player and the club management will be issued".

"Or the believer starts the treatment phase of Zakaria as soon as possible with one, or the contract is resolved between the parties by mutual agreement."

"A believer does not suffer from muscular atrophy," he said. "What has been said is not true at all and in practice we have not mentioned it."

"Because Zakaria returns to the stadiums, he needs treatment".

"We are eager to have the relationship at the highest level."

"So far, we have not communicated directly with Ahli, but I expect that we will reach a satisfactory solution for three parties, the most important of which is the interest of Zakaria and her sporting practice because it is the source of her livelihood".

"We and Al Ahli will not be influenced by the sole source of the player as a professional.

"The professional committee told us to hire an alternative player, but we will see what happens and whether Zakaria will be able to quickly enter the treatment phase and finish it soon.

Saoud Al-Harbi, president of the club, said on Friday that Moumen Zakaria suffers from a muscular imbalance that prevents him from playing football and is preparing a press conference to announce all the details. (See details)

The answer was from a source close to the believer Zakaria, who confirmed That the player does not suffer from anything and that will reveal the whole truth and then he will officially go away. (See details)

Moumen Zakaria moved from Ahly to Ahad Club during the January transfer window on loan until the end of the season.

The thirty-year-old has never played in any game since he moved to Saudi Arabia so far.

One club includes another Egyptian, Ahmed Juma, the Egyptian striker who was lent to them during the winter transfer period.

The club is one of the last in the rankings of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Saudi Cup so far.

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