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FilGoal | News | The launch of OPPO Reno3 series in the Egyptian market to make every photo super clear

OPPO Series launches Reno 3 And earphones W31 Enco May 31!

Cairo, May 18, 2020– Company announced OPPO, The world’s leading smartphone brand today, announced its plan to launch a series Reno 3 The long awaited Reno 3 Pro And Reno 3 In addition to earphones OPPO Enco W31 Outstanding at a live online show in Egypt on May 31. This decision is an indication of the importance of the Egyptian market in a strategy OPPO Globalism.

After the success of the series Reno3, Qualcomm’s first dual-feature smartphone for 5 networksG, When released in China by the end of last year, has advanced OPPO Now the latest series of Reno3 For clients in different markets around the world, with minimal adjustments to suit their local needs.

In order to be in line with the current capabilities of the Egyptian market, it will support the 4 networksG Mainly, however, it will introduce some important new innovations that are the result of an investment OPPO Permanent in user technology, research and development.

Across a chain Reno, The OPPO Trying to reach a balanced blend of technology and style. And with powerful photography settings, it’s a series Reno3 To become “every ultra-clear image” in different lighting conditions. With a chain Reno3, More details will be captured in sunlight, while dark scenes will be brighter. Shooting in low light will not be as challenging as before with the “Extreme Dark Mode” feature Ultra Dark ModeAlso, video shooting is designed to be smarter and simpler than before. From the start of the dawn beam to the quiet evening lit by only the stars, the seriesReno3 Always ready to enable its users to discover and capture more beauty in life by applying the latest technology innovations.

Leading dual camera design Punch-hole And the power of 44 megapixels + 2 megapixels

Series Reno3 It will offer the world’s first dual camera with a design Punch-hole And 44 megapixels + 2 megapixels on screen OLED, Which makes the phone lighter and thinner and also offers the highest performance in photography.

The main 44-megapixel camera delivers high-definition selfies with fine details such as skin texture and small patterns.

Dual bokeh application in the front main camera and bokeh camera will provide better performance for the selfie. The design ofpunch-hole Dual not only improves selfies, but also provides an excellent user experience. It is the lightest and thinnest, and also perfectly suited for the palm of the hand.

More innovations based on powerful zoom technology

Series Reno3 Photography standards raise revolutionary zoom performance. Being a leader in this field, the OPPO Long-term investment continues to develop zoom technology. Since the launch of dual zoom cameras with a magnification force of 5x From OPPO In a meeting place MWC2017, the company accomplished three iterations and was able to integrate it into a slim phone body and present it to users around the world.

Will continue Reno3 Pro Achieve the vision of this series by bringing more technology and scientific innovation into everyday use. 2x optical zoomx5 hybrid optical zoomx, And digital zoom up to a maximum of 20x at Reno3 Pro It can provide clear pictures with little noise in various focal dimensions in photography mode. By optimizing in several ways, it can provide a clear picture of printed words from 10 meters away.

Powerful 64-megapixel Quad Camera with “Ultra-Dark Mode” feature Ultra Dark Mode

Reno3 Pro Designed with a 64-megapixel quad-zoom camera, to become very flexible and able to respond to various imaging requirements and scenarios, this main ultra-clear camera allows images to have a wide zoom range, to include more clear details.

Improved “Extreme Dark Mode” Ultra Dark Mode“Powered by artificial intelligence technology noticeably a series Reno 2, To make images captured in low light more easy, and to enable everyone to take clear night pictures of things that may not appear to the naked eye. The usual scenarios have been updated based on customer feedback OPPO.

1080p Full HD picture delivers all kinds of detail

Reno3 Pro It will deliver a high-definition image of 108 megapixels, along with a main camera of 64 megapixels, to become Reno3 Pro He is a pioneer in the use of advanced software to improve image quality. 1080 MP super clear picture system Reno3 Pro All the pictures you take will be shown in the highest quality and highest quality. And with the improvements made in the dynamic range, these details will appear as best as possible on your screen.

In addition, the headphones OPPO Enco W31 Equipped with dual low-pass bluetooth technology, this industry-leading technology, it is as fast and stable as wires. It also adopts ultra-dynamic speakers to give users enjoyable sound quality and less call noise to make calling clear to users.

More amazing features will be revealed in the official celebration of the launch of the phone, which will be held online on Sunday, on 31 May 2020.



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