FilGoal | News | The president of Al-Sheikh and Zamalek are committed to supporting the club on four axes "World player and new stadium"


President Zamalek has agreed with Turki Al-Sheikh, president of the Arab Federation and owner of the Pyramids club, to support the Zamalek club on four aces during the next period.

The Zamalek club announced in an official statement issued by the club's media center, the agreement between President Zamalek and Turki Al-Sheikh to support the four-axis white club.

These axles were as follows.

The costs of prepayment for the construction of the new Zamalek Club Stadium will be paid as a gift from the club and the general public.

The cost of hiring a player from the world to join Zamalek next summer.

The support of the consultant for the Zamalek channel after the preparation of official documents.

The president of the Arab Union for Clothing Cost will hold the Zamalek club next season.

On the other hand, the statement revealed to the President of the Zamalek Club a sincere thanks, appreciation and respect to Turki Al-Sheikh, President of the Arab Football Federation, and expressed his happiness for the historic visit alongside, which emphasizes the # Extension of interconnection and communication between the Egyptian and Saudi people.

President Zamalek stressed that the chancellor always runs in support of all the clubs in his capacity as president of the Arab Union and stands next to everyone, he is also passionate about the Zamalek club and participating in a historical visit is a sign of his appreciation for the club and its big fans.

Turki Al-Sheikh, president of the Arab Football Association and owner of the pyramids, visited the Zamalek club headquarters on Thursday and participated in the inauguration of the new club building.

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