FilGoal | News | The pyramids describe the details of the post-match clashes. Ahly refrains from answering


Ahmed Afifi, spokesman for the Pyramids club, describes the clashes between his players and Al Ahly following the match between the two teams.

In the beginning, Afifi said: "Ahli is committed to the security meeting to join the club members only in the stands, but in the end the masses have entered the stadium and we have been subjected to continual reasons. 39; hour before the start of the game.

"Abdullah Al-Saeed has been exposed for continuous reasons from the first minute to the last minute," he said in his comments with, "He is the most attacked player of the masses, followed by Omar Jaber and Ahmad Al- Shennawi. "

"We, as members of the Pyramids board of directors, have also put us in the cabin, but we have not reacted in any way."

"Our reactions are only in the field."

What happened after the game?

"One of the Al-Ahli channel employees, Omar Jaber, was very strong when he left the camp and asked him," You're looking for him. "At that moment, Mohammed Al-Assi intervened to tell the young Omar Jaber "wants to win … wants to win".

"At that time, Ahmed Fathi intervened, and without security intervention, the player would attack the executive director of the Pyramids, as well as the intervention of Mohammed Fathi and he was attacked." I continued with those mentioned in the novel and with Ahli officials to get a comment, to clarify the details of what happened on both sides, but everyone refused to respond.

Afifi said: "We very much appreciate the circumstances of the country and therefore we have not had any reaction within the stadium, and we also very much appreciate the circumstances experienced by Ahli".

The pyramids defeated Al-Ahly in the 25th round of the Egyptian league. (See details)

Keno scored a goal that led Piramidi to beat Al Ahli on Thursday to lose first place in favor of their traditional rivals Zamalek: the only goal came in the 14th minute with a back-out shot from outside the area.

Pyramids is the first team to beat Al Ahly back and forth in the league in a season by the national team in 2013-2014, which then won the same result without an answer.

The pyramids won the first round on Al Ahly with two goals.

With this result, Pyramids scored 60 points, finishing second in the standings after 28 games.

Pyramides drew in the number of points with Zamalek, but the first played two more games than his white counterpart.

Al Ahly left the top of the standings and reached third place with a record of 58 points after 26 games.

Ahly, I'm two points behind Zamalek.

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