FilGoal | News | Tired: Al-Badri predicted my brilliance and told Saleh Salim about this .. and Jose advised me to leave the ball and play golf

Emad Miteb, the star of Al-Ahly and the former national team of Egypt, revealed that Hosam Al-Badri, the current technical director of the Pharaohs, expected his brilliance when he was still among the ranks of the juniors in the Red Castle.

“Al-Badri was the first to predict my brilliance when I was 16 and he took me out of my hand and took me to Salim Salim and said to him (Imad will become a great striker of great importance),” Miteb said on a program in the stadium on the FM radio station.

He added, “As for the beginning of my relationship with the Portuguese magician, Manuel Jose, I was tense and surprised by him. He will expel me from the stadium on my first occasion and asked me to run alone.”

He continued, “due to the fact that I did not wear socks and leg protectors, and in fact, I followed through and trained alone.”

“At the time, I did not know that he was interested in wearing socks and leg protectors,” he said.

And he continued his speech, “In my first match with Jose, I defended one of the defenders and paid a normal ball. After the meeting, Jose held a meeting with me and told me we play team ball and if you want to play individually I advise you to golf.”

He stressed, “For these reasons, Jose succeeded with Al-Ahly because he did not differentiate between a small player or a big player, and he was keen that the young player used to become a star.”

“Jose is one of the smartest characters that I have seen dealing with the soccer player,” he added. “On the field, he has a very high technical vision. He is a genius coach.”

He completed his remarks, “He used to work how to shoot, play fixed balls, and his reading of matches was smart to the extreme.”

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