FilGoal | News | Video – Al Nini almost made his debut with Besiktas


Our Egyptian professional Mohamed Al-Nini has participated for the first time in Besiktas since he joined the Turkish team.

The Besiktas defeated the Omrani Sport on Saturday in a friendly during the international suspension, in preparation for the resumption of the Turkish league.

Elni took part and appeared in the number 15 shirt in his first game with Besiktas.

Al-Nini completed the game until the final whistle and almost scored against the second division team in Turkey.

Al-Neni fired a powerful shot in the 31st minute shortly after the midfield, saved by Urban Spor before the defender pulled him out.

The former Bursa Sport striker Omut Nyayer scored a Besiktas hat-trick against the Turkish Omrani Sport.

Two goals in the second and 14 minutes in the first half, then a third goal from the penalty mark in the 78th minute.

Meanwhile, Amrani Sport's only goal came at the last minute through Gislan Jimbert, from a cross from inside the net.

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