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The Benfica players celebrate Jonas' goal in Dynamo Zagreb

A historic qualification for Slavia Prague over Sevilla, Benfica returns to Dynamo Zagreb in the European championship.

Slavia Braga, Benfica and Villarreal qualified for the Europa League quarter-finals at the expense of Sevilla, Dinamo Zagreb and decorated St. Petersburg.

The excitement of Slavia Prague and Seville

Slavia Prague has achieved a historic return and the most recent Sevilla qualification for the Europa League quarter-finals.

Slavia Bragg beat Sevilla 4-1 in the Champions League final.

Description of the meeting

Slavia Braj anticipated the first goal at Michel Nejadawi on the 14th.

Sevilla drew at 44 & # 39; from a penalty by Wissam Ben Yidder, who finished the first half with a positive draw for each team.

In the second half, Tomas Sosik took the lead in the 47th minute with a penalty, but Mounir El Haddad quickly drew for Sevilla at the 54th of the Rayaa draw & # 39; a.

The minutes continued without a new one, and the two teams went on for an extra time.

extra time

Sevilla started the first extra time with a third goal at 97 & # 39; from Franco Vasquez from a fine shot.

Historical return

Slavia Bragg did not give up, Mike van Buren scored the 102nd minute from an angled shot from inside the box.

In the 117th minute, Slavia Bragg received a reward for her diligence. Ibrahim Traore scored a goal on the net, and Simon Cair tried to save him from the line, but failed to score the goal, with Slavia Praga finishing the game with four or three goals.

With this result, Slavia Prague qualified for the quarter-finals of the tournament with a victory of six out of five.

Villarreal and Zenit

Villarreal qualified for the quarter-finals of the European Championship after defeating St. Petersburg with five goals against two goals in both games.

Villarreal won 2-0 at home in the Champions League final in Spain.

Villarreal took the lead with Gerard Moreno at 29 & # 39 ;, ending the first half with a 1-0 lead.

In the second half, Carlos Paca added a second goal for yellow submarines in the 47th minute.

Pranislav Ivanovic scored an honorary goal at 91, but it was not enough, Villarreal scored five by two in a total of two games.

Benfica and Dinamo Zagreb

Benfica qualified for the European Championship final after beating Dinamo Zagreb Croatian 3-1 in total.

Benfica beat Dinamo Zagreb 3-0 in the return of the UEFA Champions League final at the Da Vinci Stadium in Portugal in an extra-temporal match.

Description of the meeting

The first half ended with a goalless draw with little risk on both sides.

At the start of the second half, Benfica's Bruno Lag led Jonas Konsalvich and Alex Grimaldo to replace Andrea Zivkovic and Yuri Ribeiro for an additional offensive.

The Portuguese changes did not help, Joao Felix took the place of João Felipe at 62 & # 39;

A few minutes later, João Felix headed the ball to replace Jonas, who shot straight into the net to score the first goal.

The remaining minutes went well in Dinamo Zagreb's goal, and the two teams went ahead for extra time.

A crucial third step

Benfica started extra time to end the game, and Francesco Ferreira scored a splendid goal in the 93rd minute of a rocket shot.

Dynamo Zagreb's problems continued with the dismissal of defender Kevin Katherine in the 102nd minute for his second warning.

The first additional half did not end until Alex Grimaldo superbly marked the third. A penalty kick from outside the area in the side net did not keep the Dynamo Zagreb goalkeeper in the back.

The second half continued quietly without the addition of new goals for Benfica despite the possibilities of the Portuguese team, which closed Benfica's match with three goals for nothing, and qualified for the quarter-finals of the championship.

The draw for the quarter-finals of the European Champions League on Friday night with the draw of the Champions League.

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