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Atletico Madrid's defenders were spared by the Italian defense and the Uruguayan defenders were on the net against Chizni.

Atletico Madrid beat Juventus 2-0 at the Wanda Metropolitano in the last 16 of the Champions League.

Quick Launch

The start of the match was quick and the teams did not need time to get into the skies. Attack at the second minute of Atletico Madrid was followed by Thomas Barty for Antoine Grizmann in the penalty area to face the intervention of Blaise Matoudi and request a penalty.

And again a brilliant start from Grizman at the fifth minute several bad words of the defenders of Juventus and then sent Diego Costa home on the right but managed to pull the ball in front of the Spaniard.

During the Spanish pressure, Juve get a foul from the penalty area in the ninth minute. Cristiano Ronaldo paid well, but Jan Opelac shone and turned corner.

Juventus returned to Atletico 11th minute. Cross from Miralem Bianchi, who was joined by Leonardo Bonucci with a header at the top of the goal.

Atletico is back in pressure and Thomas Barty was sent off on the 15th, but Cizhni was on time and he faced the ball.

The first half of the game ended in the 28th minute. The referee granted Atletico Madrid a penalty, but the referee came back and calculated a foul outside the area.

Grizman successfully performed the infringement, but Cesene successfully blocked the ball, ending the first half with a goalless draw

The second half

Juventus started the second part with pressure in an attempt to ease the pressure on their goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo fired a powerful shot in the 49th minute, but the ball hit the outside net.

The ball rebounded completely on Diego Costa, but the Spaniard hit the corner to miss the goal.

Enter Simeon

Diego Simeone made the first change, while Alvaro Murata took the lead in the 57th minute.

Once again, Simone came in, and Thomas Lemar took part in the 61st minute.

Finally, Angel Korea took over from Cookie at the 66th minute.

Alvaro Murata scored the first goal in the 71st minute. Felipe Luiz's cross had a header, but the video technique showed a push of the Spaniard in the back of Giorgio Kelini to cancel the goal.

The winning balls win

The first pass from Massimiliano Alegre was the 72nd minute with the entry of Emre Chan instead of Bianchi.

The fixed balls beat Atletico Madrid on Juventus in the last minutes.

Jose Jimenez scored the first goal in the 78th minute. A corner made inside the area, followed by the Uruguayan defender in the Juventus goal.

Allegri wanted the reward here and Frederico Bernardiski took the place of Paulo Debala in the eightieth minute.

At 83 & rd; Diego Godin added a second goal at Atletico Madrid. A solid ball that the defense can not get out, and the other Uruguayan defender with a touch in Cesini's goal.

Late return

Juventus tried to score at least one goal, Joao Cansillo took the place from Place Matudei in the 84th minute.

Bernardiski almost scored the first goal in the 89th minute. A solid ball from the left side of the box. Ronaldo passed the back and Bernardiski fired a shot that Oblak had turned into a corner.

Once again, Ronaldo shot the header from Bernardi with a header, but above the goal, the match ended with the 2-0 victory of Atletico Madrid.

The return leg will be played on March 12th in Turin, Juventus needs three goals to secure the next round.

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