FilGoal | News | Wenger excludes Mahrez: I would like to share the award for best in Africa between Mani and Salah


French legend Arsene Wenger, former Arsenal historical coach, Algerian Riad Mahrez, Manchester City star, has been excluded from the competition for the 2019 Best Player in Africa award.

Our Egyptian professional Mohamed Salah competes with Liverpool teammate Sadio Mane and Riad Mehrez for the award for Best Player in Africa.

“In my view, I think the competition will be between Salah and Mani,” said Wenger.

“Salah and Mani are playing in the same team – Liverpool – and the great thing here is that the duo are really amazing, but the bad thing is that one of them will lose the prize,” he added in his comments to Time Sports.

“For me, I would like to share the prize for the best between Mani and Salah. It is very difficult to determine who deserves the award between them. The duo did a very special performance.”

He continued his speech by saying: “Salah is a wonderful player who not only scores but also makes games. His last touch is great and his speed is very high and it develops every year. It becomes complete.”

Wenger touched on Mohammed Al-Nini, who trained at Arsenal, He said, “I liked Al Nini so much because he helps the team and makes the team play better always.”

Wenger revealed his presence earlier in EgyptAnd, he said, “This is not my first visit to Egypt. I was here before to watch one of the games in 1997 as I remember.”

“The Egyptian players are very talented and have a very good mentality, but they need to appear more in the World Cup and achieve good results,” he concluded.

Wenger is in Egypt, preparing to attend the Best in Africa event in Hurghada on Tuesday. earlier disclosed details of Manny’s arrival to attend the ceremony, while doubts were raised about Salah’s presence. (See details)

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