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The players of Egypt celebrate the goal of Trezeguet in Zimbabwe

Egypt qualified for the final of the African Nations Cup with a total of three victories in three games. Who will be the next opponent of the Pharaohs in the tournament?

The list says that the leaders of Group A face the third, third, fourth or fifth.

In one case, the third group qualifies as the first group leader, while the first group does not include one of the best third place winners, along with group D.

This situation will not happen after the Democratic Republic of the Congo has already qualified for the first Egyptian group.

The above means that if Kenya qualifies, it will be the 16-year-old Egyptian rival. What does Kenya need to be in the top four of the tournament?

Rank the best third-party owners right now

1-Guinea 4 points (+1) "officially qualified".

2. Democratic Republic of the Congo 3 points (0) "officially qualified".

3-South Africa 3 points (-1)

Kenya 3 (-4)

5 – Benin with two points (0) left a match

6 – Angola has two points (0) left a game

_ _ _

A case now is that Kenya is out of the tournament, meaning that one of the Benin and Angola teams should avoid a loss in the last round of the group stage.

Benin faces Cameroon in Group F, Angola faces Mali in Group E.

Therefore, if Benin and Angola win or even tie both, the next competitor of Egypt will not be officially in Kenya.

_ _ _

In that case and with Kenya he will not qualify for the next round, who will be the next opponent of Egypt?

According to the list, in this case the competitor of Egypt is the third group D, namely South Africa. Are the kids officially qualified?

South Africa has not yet qualified for the next round, although it is close to this.

South Africa will host the African Nations Cup if Benin and Angola get at least one point from their games. Or Tunisia draws with Mauritania and at the same time Benin or Angola get a point, so that South Africa ranked fifth in the best trio and tournament order.

In that case, Egypt will be the third group.

Group E is currently in the group

Mali 4 "officially qualified" points

Tunisia with two points (0)

Angola 2 points (0)

Mauritania Single point (1)

The third group V can be one of the four teams.

Tunisia or Angola – as it is now – or Mauritania in the case of its victory over Tunisia with Angola and Mali could resort to goal difference. The hypothesis that Mauritania is difficult to verify certainly because the victory of the Almoravids of Carthage Eagles is five years with the victory of Angola on Mali with only one goal.

It could also be Mali if Tunisia wins Mauritania and Angola win Mali, Tunisia and Angola have 5 points and Mali (4 points) third.

In conclusion, the rival of Egypt will be one of them.


South Africa






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