FilGoal | News | Yousef: The name of the electrification was raised to Ahli after my departure. This is a condition of success


Mohamed Al-Ahli, former coach of Al-Ahli, denied that the idea of ​​negotiating with Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim "Kahraba" had been raised in his presence.

Yusuf said during his visit to Ali Time sports"No one has advanced the idea of ​​hiring Kahraba when I was at the club," he said.

"Kahraba is a great player and has good potential, but he must be employed for the benefit of the team. Al-Ahly is unlike any other team."

"At Al Ahli, the player must use his technical, physical and tactical potential for the team, and anyone who doesn't will not be able to continue on to Al Ahli."

Youssef was Patrice Carteron's assistant and then Martin Lasarti in Al-Ahli training, and he took over the job temporarily after the departure of both coaches.

Despite reports linking Kahraba to Ahli in the past, Amir Tawfiq, the head of contracts at Ahli, denied the reports.

"Kahraba is a very good and respected player, but there was no contact with him," Tawfiq said a week ago.

"We never talked to Kahraba," he said during an appearance on Sport.

"His signature with Al-Ahli? They are empty talk. It never happened. Ijtihad is nothing else, nothing less."

"If one day we want to talk about Kahraba and sign it, we'll talk to his Portuguese club and we could talk to another party if we think we need it, but at the moment nothing has happened," he said.

"Weiler didn't ask for a player in January. He hasn't made his requests yet and hasn't challenged any current players on the team."

He continued, saying, "My job is just to do what is required of me, and it hasn't happened so far."

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