Filip Chajzer posed with his fiancée. They celebrated their birthday together

Filip Chajzer has recently been in the media spotlight. There were rumors that the journalist was engaged to Julia, 13 years younger. The couple has only known each other for a few months – the feeling was so strong that they moved in together and it is already known that they want to go through life together.

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Filip Chajzer posed with his fiancée

Filip Chajzer was supposed to fall in love without memory a few months ago. The journalist’s chosen one is Julia, who recently turned 25. The couple met online. They must have realized quickly that it was something serious because they moved in together very quickly. They also went on exotic holidays.

– A love like this can only happen once…forever – said Filip Chajzer recently in an interview with “Fact”.

The journalist’s beloved is not related to the media, she is outside the industry. Until now, Filip Chajzer cared about privacy and we could only see Julia’s photos without showing her face.

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This time, Filip Chajzer’s friend, Andrzej Polan, published a post where you can see a happy journalist and his chosen one. Not only a beautiful cake catches the eye, but also a ring on the beloved’s hand. Is this the engagement one?

– Birthday cake for a special guest – one hundred years – it was written under the photo. Filip Chajzer celebrated his 38th birthday on November 27th. As you can see, in an exceptional group.

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