Filipa, the daughter of Paula Chaves, interrupted her in full note: “She wants to light the candle”

The fun family videos they share Paula Chaves y Peter Alfonso beside Olivia, Balthazar y Philip They managed to make their followers fall in love with them as well as with the minors of the clan. And this was no exception.

Invited to the floor A la BarbarossaPaula kept a safety pin hand in hand with Georgina Babarossa accompanied by Filipa who carefully looked at each object of the decoration of the study of phone.

It was then that, in the middle of the interview, the girl interrupted her mother to point out something in particular: “Mom, mom,” she was heard saying in her sweet little voice. To which she Paula wanted to know what was happening: “What’s up, my love?”.

“What’s up, my love? To the candle? But we don’t have a lighter to blow it out. Keep it burning, huh! I don’t know if I wanted the birthday so much.”

To the candle? But we don’t have a lighter to blow it. Keep burning this, eh! I don’t know if she wanted the birthday so much”, Closed the interviewee, who agreed to the request of her daughter, who had a laugh with the scene.

She is very cute!

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