Filipino Fishermen’s Nightmare After Beijing Militia Crashed Ship in the South China Sea EEZ, Randy Megu’s Figure: I’m Very Scared..

Sosok.ID – A Filipino fisherman named Randy Megu is known to the world as a figure who often braves storms in the South China Sea.

But these days he has an even greater fear, having seen a Chinese maritime enforcement ship moving on the horizon.

Quoted from Daily Express, Sunday (11/7/2021), five years after a landmark international arbitral tribunal’s ruling rejected China’s claims to the waters where Megu fished, the 48-year-old complained that his encounters with Chinese vessels were more frequent than ever.

“I was so scared,” Megu said, describing how a Chinese ship had tracked its wooden outrigger boat for three hours about 140 nautical miles (260 km) from shore in May.

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He said other fishermen had reported being hit or blown up with a water cannon while working at what they considered a historic fishing ground.

They had hoped the place would be safe after the decision in The Hague in 2016.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed Friday that Beijing does not accept the ruling or any claims or actions based on it.

China claims most of the deep waters known as the Nine-Dash Line, which is also contested by Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

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Chinese fishing vessels operating in the area are doing so in accordance with domestic and international law, the foreign ministry said in a statement to Reuters.


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