Fillon Maillet reigned in yellow, only Václavík scored points from the Czech quartet

Twenty-nine-year-old Fillon Maillet on the way to the fourth championship of the season managed the item lying down and standing clean, and in the absence of an elite Norwegian team, the Swedes Ponsiluoma and Samuelsson were able to step on his heels thanks to an excellent run, but both made two mistakes when standing up. So in the end, the French were accompanied to the podium by the domestic Doll and Comet of the Belarus season Smolsky.

Václavík recorded the best shooting balance from the cup sprint in his career. “The race was very fast. The shooting was generally good, the times were very busy. It was quite a fight for me at the shooting range, fortunately I only left one there. approached for Czech Television.

The innkeeper was only a second and a half away from the points gain. “I’m sorry I was lying down, that was the budget line in racing tactics. I had a longer stand, but zero was needed there, otherwise I wouldn’t cross it out here at all. Even so, it’s no glory in terms of results, “said the Czech national team member, whose hopes for participating in the cup race with a mass start are becoming more and more distant, which will be the last test before the Olympic Games next Saturday in Anterselva.

Photo: Petr Slavík / Czech biathlon

Czech representative Michal Krčmář.Photo: Petr Slavik / Czech biathlon

Although Jakub Štvrtecký was the fastest of the Czech biathletes on skis, he also cleaned all five targets while lying down, but he had to circle 600 meters after the penalty round. “I had a really good start, but the four on the second item ruined everything for me. Actually, I don’t even know what happened. Suddenly my wounds flew off the target and there was nothing I could do about it,” he explained.

Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding (Germany):
Men & # 39; s Sprint 10 km:
1. Fillon Maillet (Fr.) 23: 23.7 (0 laps)
2. Doll (DEU) -7.2 (0)
3. Smolski (BEL) -32.1 (1)
4. Strolia (Lit.) -33.6 (0)
5. Seppälä (Fin.) +41.9 (0)
6. Lesser (DEU) -43.3 (1)
7. Pidručnyj (UKR) -47.1 (1)
8. Perrot -49,4 (0)
9. Desthieux (oba Fr.) -50.4 (1)
10. Burkhalter (Switzerland) -51.7 (0),
…34. Václavík -1:20,6 (1),
42. Krčmář -1: 24.8 (1),
70. Karlik -2: 05.6 (2),
78. Štvrtecký (all CR) -2: 17.1 (4).
SP ranking (after 12 of 22 races):
1. Fillon Maillet 521
2. Jacquelin (Fr.) 449
3. Samuelsson (SWE) 448
4. Bö 404
5. Christiansen 379
6. Laegreid (všichni Nor.) 344,
… 32. Krčmář 127,
65. Štvrtecký 16,
78. Václavík 12.


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