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Flowers and messages are placed outside the Lakemba mosque in Sydney on March 20, 2018, five days after the mass attacks on two mosques in Christchurch that killed 50 Muslim faithful in the city. Photo: AFP

CANNES: The massacre of the New Zealand mosque in which a white supremacist massacred 51 people must be turned into a film called Hi brother, his producer told the media in Cannes on Wednesday.

The film, which follows a refugee family that flees Afghanistan for the salvation of Christchurch just to get involved in the carnage, was made by Egyptian producer Moez Masoud, he said Variety magazine.

"In Christchurch, March 15, the world witnessed an unspeakable crime against humanity," said Masoud Variety, saying that his team members were currently in New Zealand to meet the victims' survivors and families.

"The story that" Hello Brother "will bring to the public is just a step in the healing process, so we could better understand each other and the root causes of hatred, racism, supremacy and terrorism."

The title is based on the words of welcome given by an elderly Afghan as he greets the armed man at the gates of the Al Noor mosque. He was shot to death, but his words were taken around the world as a call against hatred.

The news of the production was announced on the second day of the Cannes film festival, just two months after the bloodshed.

Reacting to the announcement, the Christchurch-based Muslim Association of Canterbury, which represents Islamic organizations in the region, said it had not been contacted regarding plans to make such a film.

"We have not had any proposal like this presented to us nor have we agreed," wrote the organization on its Facebook page, although a man had visited the mosque Tuesday with some "vague ideas" on shooting something.

"We cannot stop these projects if the filmmakers decide to undertake them, but the Canterbury Muslim Association considers the dignity and privacy of our community and the dignity of those whose lives have been considered of primary importance," he said.

Masoud co-wrote the screenplay and the film is produced by his Acamedia Pictures.

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