Filter the name of the person with whom Mollie Gould has deceived Luis Miguel


The life of Luis Miguel It looks like a whirlwind. Recently it was announced that its current partner, Mollie GouldI would have been unfaithful.

Argentine media said the 19-year-old model was seen with another man.

According to the site "L & # 39; opinion", the television program "We in the morning" states that the pair of "The Sun", who is also his showgirl, has accepted the invitation of a friend to go out and dance with an entrepreneur.

It is about Matías Tasínwho has recently concluded his relationship with Nicole Neumann.

"I spoke to the person who introduced them, he is a mutual friend. He invited them to eat in a waterfront restaurant and then invited them to dance. But what has not confirmed to me is that if Tasín and Gould have left together in the same car, "said the journalist Juan Abraham.

"The media love to invent stories. It's really fun to read them, especially when certain things have nothing to do", It was the text that published on their social networks Mollie.

The reaction of Luis Miguel

Given such infidelity, it is said that the singer has decided to spend the night with one of his former partners; Karina Jelinek.

According to the press and the program "Today", a photograph of Karina outside the hotel where he was staying Luis Miguel, and the testimony of the journalist Luis Ventura it would be the proof of the intimate encounter between the singer and the performer.

In addition, the hotel staff fatiguewhere I was Luis Miguel in Argentine, confirmed to the journalist that the artist spent the night with a woman, however, could not confirm that it was Jelinek.

The Mexican singer will arrive Guatemalnext March 26th. The artist will perform in Explanation Cardales de Cayalá from 9 pm.

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