Final Fantasy XIV: a collaborative event with Final Fantasy XV presented in video, the latest news from A Requiem for Heroes in detail


On this second day of fan festival in Paris for the final fantasy XIV, hostilities began with the Letter from the manufacturer LIVE (the 49th!). So, what's up again in the coming weeks with the continuation of the patch 4.5? We had the first right to a summary of what will happen in the next updates.

  • February 12, 2019: patch 4.55 leading the Hidden throat is Eureka Hydatos.
  • End of March 2019: new research byepic, adventures ofAnonima and tribal missions.
  • Patch 4.57: Implementation of the "Inter-World Travel" system.
  • Patch 4.58: various settings.

Final Fantasy XIV 01 03 02 2019 Final Fantasy XIV 02 03 02 2019

Naoki Yoshida and Koji Fox then went into the details of the Ali rivals PvP to 48 players with the campaign Hidden throat. New rules and game mechanisms will be introduced, such as Gobtrains and mercenaries Goblins, putting a key in the wheels of both teams seeking control of railway stations and recovering goods. The latter may also join the camp inflicting the most damage.

Rival Wings: Throated Gorge (Machinery)

At the end of Thanalan there is a deep valley commonly known as the hidden gorge. The Amajina and Sons Good Yarn Company once invested considerable funds to exploit it, but eventually decided to leave the site after a handful of years when deposits stopped. The installations fell for the first time into oblivion, before being reopened to the adventurers so that they trained there. Thus, today, the hawks and the ravens look at each other on the side of the railway, before throwing themselves into the battlefield.

Final Fantasy XIV 03 03 02 2019 Final Fantasy XIV 04 03 02 2019Final Fantasy XIV 05 03 02 2019 Final Fantasy XIV 06 03 02 2019

The other novelty that we knew existed and that has been detailed is the fourth and last expedition of the The forbidden land of Eureka, Hydatos. The skill level will increase to 60 with the actions Logos unpublished and what to change the equipment even over than Pyros. A phase of gameplay played by Naoki Yoshida gave a look at the area, where the water flows are all reversed (example: a waterfall where the water rises) and also to appreciate the director of the game dies in three shots in front of a species of toad, which has earned him his level of rebirth! He does not really laugh, e it will be even worse with theBaldesion Arsenal, a final dungeon instantiated to 56 players accessible only to those who have completed the history oftombola. In addition to the strict conditions to access it, the threats that reside there will be particularly dangerous, like a boss coming directly from Final Fantasy XI.

Eureka Hydatos

Leaving behind the frozen peaks and the volcanic caves of Pyros, our explorers look to the central tower, the former home of Baldesion Students and the final destination of their journey. Neither the magical barrier that surrounds the building nor the torrential rains that fall into the heart of the island will prevent them from finding answers to their many questions. Set off to conquer Hydatos, the land of water, and end the story of Eureka!

Final Fantasy XIV 07 03 02 2019 Final Fantasy XIV 08 03 02 2019Final Fantasy XIV 09 03 02 2019

Finally, the third big point is a collaboration whose announcement has not surprised anyone: Noctis Final Fantasy XV lands at Hydaelyn ! This is logically following the content appeared in the fifteenth episode of last December, which already involved him Garuda. Even better, the real insignia will be a new frame built for the occasion, able to fly and, above all, accommodate up to four players on board, a great first. A first trailer was obviously broadcast for the occasion:

Final Fantasy XIV 10 03 02 2019 Final Fantasy XIV 11 03 02 2019

Then, we were treated to a session of questions and answers with the presence of the concept artist Ayumi Namae, on which we will return soon. Be aware though the drawings of the Black magician and fromAstromancer for Shadowbringers they have been unveiledwhich we find particularly successful, which seemed to be the case of the assembly. Finally, as usual, the team presented the derivative products of the moment, with the sublime Meister Figure of quality ofLast and the board game Gold Caperpot Party. The novel Chronicles of light it was also shown quickly, it remains to know if it will be translated into French, as well as the album Piano Collection. A bit of newness has slipped into the presentation assuming the form ofa new artbook : Art of the Revolution – Eastern Memories –, which will include works of art and other artistic content ranging from 4.2 to 4.5, what a good end point Stormblood. Its release is scheduled for May 15, 2019 at a price of € 34.99.

Final Fantasy XIV 12 03 02 2019 Final Fantasy XIV 13 03 02 2019 Final Fantasy XIV 14 03 02 2019Final Fantasy XIV 15 03 02 2019 Final Fantasy XIV 16 03 02 2019 Final Fantasy XIV 17 03 02 2019Final Fantasy XIV 18 03 02 2019 Final Fantasy XIV 19 03 02 2019

Know this livestream dedicated to the collectible edition of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers it will be held on February 8th 2019 at 12:00. You can find official images on the next page for new products.

Final Fantasy XIV: Pistosabreur, Viera and NieR: Automata Invited in Shadowbringers, Release Date and Collector's Edition Unveiled

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