Final moments of the beloved owner of the jar were stabbed to death by the Melbourne terrorist


Sisto Malaspina (pictured) was a beloved Melbourne coffee scene that he had occupied for decades, before being murdered on Friday by a former nurse who was desperately trying to revive a Melbourne bar owner after being stabbed at Bourke Street he revealed what happened in his final moments. Sixtus Malaspina was near his café, Pellegrini & # 39; s, when Hassan Shire Ali, 30, blew his car into an attack inspired by the ISIS that upset the bustling city. Ali began waving a knife after fleeing the burning vehicle, and it was suggested that Mr. Malaspina had gone to help Ali when the assailant stabbed him in the neck. The woman who stayed with him in his last moments, a single mother and a former nurse who did not want to be named, told the Herald Sun that "he did everything possible to try and save this poor man ". Mr. Malaspina was stabbed in an artery just above the collarbone, and bleed quickly, leaving him no hope of survival, he said. When she realized that she would not do it, she said she worked to make it comfortable. I made the sign of the cross on his forehead and I said: & # 39; I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. At least now you're at peace. I had to wipe the blood off my forehead, I needed to give him that dignity because his face was so kind.

The regular customers of his coffee, the Pellegrini and the locals laid flowers outside the establishment, which was frequented by generations of Melbourne families

Passersby could see comfort and sign a condolence book in front of the cafe

A man played a slow and lugubrious melody on the violin while the locals in Melbourne took leave of their friend

Mr. Malaspina was killed by Hassan Shire Ali (left), who blew up his car on Friday before stabbing the bar owner near his neck, hitting a main artery Ali mounted on the sidewalk with his Holden Rodeo on Friday, before setting fire to an attempt to detonate an open gas tank in the tray, turning his car into a makeshift bomb. As he waited for the bottle to explode, he stabbed Mr. Malaspina near his neck, killing him and injuring the Tasmanian businessman Rod Patterson, 58, and a 26-year-old security guard from Hampton Park, Melbourne. The fury continued when the police arrived, having been called to investigate the burning car. Worn in a long brown tunic, Ali lunged at the officers, with a horrible video showing him as he waved a knife as the police tried to calm him down. He is seen as he chases officers around a tree, and a spectator, who is now hailed as a hero, is seen loaded with a shopping cart, using it to ward off Ali. While the assailant kept trying to rip the officers, a policeman tried in vain to touch him and his companion shot the attacker in the chest. As Ali fell to the ground, the two officers ran to him, arrested him and rushed him to the police station. He died in surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital a few hours later. AFP commissioner Ian McCartney told a late Saturday morning press conference that Ali was on their radar, but the police decided not to intervene. "While he held radical ideals, he did not have a threat," he said. "It is a reality check for us that even with the fall of the Caliphate (with territory held by ISIS resumed in Syria and Iraq) the threat is still very real." It is a complex and demanding task to work on these threats daily the assessment was that he was not a threat at the time. "Obviously, when it has turned from radicalization into these actions, this will be at the center of these investigations." Commissioner McCartney confirmed that Ali was inspired by ISIS online propaganda.

The woman who ran to her side to try to save him said that after realizing that she could not survive, she tried to make it as comfortable as possible

Ali stabbed two others during what the police labeled as an ISIS-inspired attack, and was filmed by waving a large knife at police

The death of Mr. Malaspina was planned by many over the weekend, with the pile of flowers seen growing minute by minute

A man did a quiet respect to a photograph of the Italian immigrant while he was standing between the large floral display Markel Villasin, 22 and his bosses finished their KFC store when they heard a "hustle and bustle" and they saw Ali hold a knife and swing it to the police officers. "It seemed that police officers did not know how to handle the situation because obviously in Melbourne it's so rare," Villasin told ABC. Mr. Villasin saw Mr. Malaspina breathe but said he looked "bloody" while lying in a pool of blood as rescuers tried to revive him using CPR. "Unfortunately, the man died, they put a sheet in. He was crazy because he was alive at my feet while trying to work on him and then he died," he said. Mr. Malaspina arrived in Australia from Italy and took over Pellegrini's Espresso Bar in 1976 with his business partner Nino Pangrazio and kept his original furniture from 1954. Coffee, with its sign neon historical heritage, became a popular haunt for urban professionals, tourists and even politicians such as former prime minister Gough Whitlam. Russell Crowe, David Campbell and Labor Leader Bill Shorten were among the best paying tribute to the beloved Melbourne game.

The staff wrote a moving tribute to Mr Malaspina calling him "the best boss" who made his employees "part of his life"

Ali & # 39; s Holden Rodeo hit a pedestrian as he climbed onto the sidewalk and burst into flames in front of Target near the intersection of Swanson Street around 4:20 pm on Friday, before he began his stabbing fury. Crowe revealed that he had been visiting Pilgrims long before they have a semblance of life. enjoy now & # 39; Sixtus, my heart breaks [Sissto, my heart breaks]"He wrote on Twitter." I've been going to Pellegrini since 1987. I've never been to Melbourne without letting my man Sisto escape me. Stickers of South Sydney on the wall and caps on the display. My sweet loyal friend, stabbed in the street by a madman. So sad [so sad]. "Mr. Campbell said the Malaspina office was his" favorite place in town, mainly due to [its owner]& # 39 ;. "He would have screamed when I entered" Here he is … the artist! "I ask about my family and my father (also religious)." An icon of Melbourne, you've never been a stranger in his company. "

Bill Shorten said that Malaspina's death was "shocking, unreal and heartbreaking". "I've been visiting Pellegrini since I was in school, I just saw Sisto on Monday morning, he insisted on trying a slice of his almond cake," he said. HOMAGE WRITTEN BY THE PERSONNEL IN FRONT OF THE ASSIST OF PILGRIMS. Thank you for making us become a member of your staff as part of your life. You have always taken care of us as a family. You always said you had fun at work because we all worked so hard. You were your life. We will never forget everything you have done and given to us all. We will always love you in our hearts. REST IN PEACE. Condolences to the Malaspina family. Always loved, never forgotten. icon and a true gentleman. It is impossible to imagine the devastation for his family and his staff. "Masterchef's Matt Preston also took a moment to share his memories of Malaspina." It's so sad that this gem of a man has gone away in such tragic circumstances, "he said," one of the big ones behind one of the big ones. made friends with the woman I love from Pellegrini. "I met my friends over the years by Pellegrini. I was happy to have a coffee or eat the granita alone at the counter under the watchful eye of the man in the scarf. "Vale Sisto. All my love and my compassion for his friends and family. "While some shared their sorrow for the beloved icon of Melbourne online, others chose a more personal path." Pellegrini was surrounded by flowers at the weekend, with participants coming to greet and sign a condolence book for the Malaspina's family.A violinist played a slow and mournful song while the spectators embraced and took a moment to remember the friendly face that once greeted them from behind the counter.Immed on the front of the door was a letter from the staff of Pellegrini, who remembered their leader as a man devoted to his work and his family, who delighted in their achievements and took care of all those who worked there as if they were his own children. bar will reopen on 12 November.

The reopening of Pellegrini on 12 November, but the loss of Malaspina will be felt for a long time


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