Final Result – Arsenal 1 Hurricane 0 – Diego Maradona Cup 2021 Zone A Champion Phase

Goal of Bruno Baez.

Sunday, January 10, 2021. Arsenal, under the command of Sergio Rondina will be measured with Hurricane captained by Israel Damonte for the champion phase of the Diego Maradona Cup. The match will take place in the stadium Julio Humberto Grondona of the city of Sarandí from 19:20 and will have the arbitration of Nazareno Arasa. “Those of the Viaduct” arrive at this last date after beating Independiente 4 to 3. While the «Globo» of Parque Patricios lost 1-0 to Argentinos Juniors.

Arsenal vs Huracán LIVE ONLINE – Diego Maradona Cup 2021 LIVE Zone A Champion Phase

Probable formations of the match between Arsenal and Huracán:

Arsenal: Alejandro Rivero; Julián Navas, Fabio Pereyra, Mateo Carabajal, Emiliano Papa; Jesús Soraire, Leonel Picco, Alejo Antilef; Lucas Necul, Ramiro Luna; and Lucas Albertengo. DT: Sergio Rondina.

Hurricane: Facundo Cambeses; Raúl Lozano, Saúl Salcedo, Renato Civelli, Ezequiel Bonifacio; Esteban Rolón; Norberto Briasco, Adrián Arregui, Franco Cristaldo, Rodrigo Cabral; and Andrés Chávez. DT: Israel Damonte.

Stadium: Julio Humberto Grondona

Referee: Nazareno Arasa

Goal: PT 25 ′ Bruno Báez (A)

Admonished: ST 3 ′ Julián Navas (A), 13 ′ Gastón Suso (A), 20 ′ Santiago Hezze (H), 22 ′ Bruno Báez (A)

Driven out: PT 43 ′ Nicolás Cordero (H)

Changes: PT 33 ′ Nicolás Cordero by Leandro Grimi (H). ST 0 ′ Santiago Hezze by Esteban Rolón (H), 0 ′ Sebastián Ramírez by Adrián Arregui (H), 15 ′ Ulises Abreliano by Julián Navas (A), 15 ′ Pablo Oro by Andrés Chávez (H), 26 ′ Nicolás Castro by Lucas Necul (A), 26 ′ Facundo Pons by Bruno Báez (A), 31 ′ Brian Maidana by Franco Cristaldo (H), 36 ′ Facundo Kruspzky by Jesús Soraire (A), 36 ′ Ramiro Luna by Alejo Antilef (A)

How and on what channel to watch Arsenal vs Huracán online live and direct?

The match they will play Arsenal vs Hurricane from 19:20 in the stadium Julio Humberto Grondona in the champion phase of the Diego Maradona Cup it may watch online live and direct by the canal TNT Sports.

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