Final Standings and Medal Achievement for Tokyo 2021 Paralympics

TEGAL NEWS- Sunday, 5 September 2021, the world’s sporting event, Paralimpiade Tokyo declared completed, where all sports in the event have been competed.

In the event Paralimpiade Tokyo This year, China managed to top the rankings with medal acquisition A total of 206 medals of them, 96 gold, 60 silver, and 51 bronze.

Then followed by the United Kingdom who was in second place with a total of 124 medals, including 37 gold, 38 silver and 45 bronze.

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The third position is occupied by the United States with medal acquisition A total of 104 of them, 37 gold, 36 silver and 31 bronze.

Whereas Indonesia was ranked 43rd, with a total of 9 medals including 2 gold, 3 silver, and 4 bronze.

Indonesia behind Turkey who won 15 medals overall and South Korea with 24 medals.

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As previously known Indonesia managed to win two gold medals in badminton where women’s doubles Khalimatus Sadiyah and Leani Ratri Oktila managed to win in the final against a pair from China.

Then followed by a mixed double Harry Susanto and Leani Ratri Oktila who managed to beat the mixed doubles pair from France in two straight games.


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