Finally, our galaxy is not flat


According to research conducted by several astrophysicists, it seems that the further one moves away from the center of our galaxy (which would consist of a gigantic black hole), the more the disc that composes it bends and deforms.

Galaxy 1

Clearly, the representation that one has of flat and uniform galaxies is completely distorted. The galactic plane would not be straight but would have the shape of an elongated S.

And if the discovery is of little importance to you, scientists change a lot of things … It becomes more complex to estimate the actual distances between the different stars that form the galaxy. To get a clear view of the Milky Way and its shape, we can give more precision to the discoveries we make in deep space.

To arrive at this discovery, the researchers observed Cepheids, very bright stars that pulsate at a very precise frequency to calculate their absolute magnitude and determine the precise distance that separates us from these stars.

With 1339 cefe observed, it was possible to reconstruct a three-dimensional plane of our galaxy. Scientists explain the deformation by the fact that the most massive internal disk of the galaxy forces the external disk to follow its rotation, the delay of this last causes a deformation in the form of a twist.



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